Rewilding Retreat 2019 – October 25-27, 2019 | Big Bear, California

by | May 1, 2019

Team building with Philip Folsom

This year, we will be hosting another global Rewilding retreat, after the incredible success and joy of our first retreat last year, held in Santa Barbara. As we are so much further in our work, studies, and induction into a lifelong process of Rewilding, we now know that there are so many tools that can be shared remotely. But it is in the experience of Rewilding, of witnessing others while we enter our hearts and go within, that it is really embodied. It is a gift that there are so many ways to Rewild our bodies and minds in concert with nature and people as a part of our process.

This year we are thrilled to announce REWILDING 2019 will be in partnership with Tanya Folsom, one half of Philip Folsom programs – a teams building, organizational culture building, and motivational speaking group, led by anthropologist and fellow wolf collaborator Philip Folsom. REWILDING 2019 will be more focused and spacious. There will be several speakers and facilitators, workshops, hands-on activities and challenges, and respite to reflect.

Micha and Philip Folsom

Highlights from last year’s Rewilding: If you were not in attendance last year or unfamiliar, you can read journalist and attendee Ashley Tibbits’ recap HERE, learn about some of our sponsors and speakers HERE, and glimpse the overview HERE.

Research on Rewilding: Learn more about why we focus on Individual, Tribal, and Mother Earth health, and look out for updates very soon!

Jan and March Livingston, founders of Gray Whale Gin and their daughters