Crystal Clearing | Garnet

by | Nov 18, 2018

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Grounding in the light of purpose takes great courage and devotion, with the patience and divine synergy to redirect one’s path. In awakening the red frequency of the root chakra’s full power, Garnet activates the creative and sexual energies to their highest expression, delivering the message to the heart to transmit with loving awareness into reality. Garnet turns ideas, dreams, and visions into tangible expressions, experiences, and accomplishments, as it calls forth the vitality and composure required to surrender to one’s greatest potential and sustain the journey of expansion.

The stabilizing frequency of Garnet anchors more light into the physical body while deepening the roots of connection to the earth plane. This grounding effect secures the being in a forcefield of protection, dissolving and preventing interference from lower energies while restoring the emotional body back to equilibrium. Worries and concerns transmute into the light of purification, cleansing disharmony and transmuting the effects into wisdom. Chaos becomes order, with respect to one’s emotions and a true sense of the awareness of victorious transitions to a higher level of existence.

Through its ability to affirm one’s commitment to being here on Earth, the positive impact of Garnet connects the individual back to their true purpose and power as a multi-dimensional being. With awareness of personal freedom and universal responsibility, instincts are heightened as the fire of the red ray inspires creativity into manifestation, with the endurance to navigate throughout a new chapter of growth and transition. Garnet’s vibration will reinforce the inherent assignment as it aligns conditions and desires into creation in ways that serve and inspire. Inner radiance shines through all successful endeavors that involve sharing one’s gifts with the world.

As a stone of health and vitality, Garnet awakens the rise of Kundalini life-force energy as it travels from the root chakra to the crown, igniting a pillar of light throughout the chakra system and spinal column. The entire being becomes illuminated and broadcasts a generous and respectively distributed energetic supply throughout the body. This inner radiance clears the chakras of disharmony, restoring the physical and ethereal nervous systems back to balance. The movement of vital energy flows in tune with universal guidance, creating a sense of calm and trust in adhering to one’s purpose while integrating new pathways of being and action.

I AM aware of my purpose and power as I manifest my highest potential.

Sacred Ceremony

Connect with Garnet, your higher self, and any light guides or angels to assist. Place Garnet at the root chakra and visualize a golden white light flowing from the root to crown chakra, clearing your channel and your chakra system. As you become illuminated, allow the light of your true being to dissolve any blockages or entanglements in your energetic fields, intending for this clearing to redirect or sustain the direction of your true purpose, power, and potential. Visualize yourself operating at your highest potential, grounded in your true purpose and power. Ask your light guides, angels, the universe, and higher self to come through to provide you with the guidance and support you require to clearly, see feel, hear and know the messages and wisdom that comes through to thrive in all endeavors. In the name of the light.