Reconnect. Return. Rewild.

A research-informed platform providing resources, stories, and practices for connection to Self, community, and land, centered around a five-pillar practice called Elemental Rewilding™. Self-actualization for the sake of the whole.
Created by therapist, group facilitator, and guide Micha Thomas.


weREWILD is a platform and practice focused on themes of psychological rewilding – reconnecting to our most authentic and whole aspects of mind/body/spirit/soul health. The rituals, resources, and informative aspects of weREWILD spring from an indefatigable desire to make immersive healing processes more accessible and to level the barrier of entry to transformative tools. The soil from which this blooms is a firm belief rewilding our souls and spirits is the most potent path towards healing our broken systems, communities, and Earth, not just our splintered hearts. Providing resources, stories, and facilitating community experiences and connection is kind of the combustion engine faith fueling weREWILD – helping abolish shame and facilitating the echo of “me too”.

So many formulas for “health” or “healing” exist in this world – countless, sparkly, singular ways to heal, change, transform, “become a new you”, whatever. This is not that. weREWILD is a verb, a revolution, a meditation, an active name, a living space of a thing asking not that you follow a formula or cede the power of your inner knowing. Take what works for you and leave the rest.

Humans utilize stories and images to act as mirrors, inspiration, to peer into one another and the natural world. It is only very recently we’ve taken our stories of emotional discord and mental dis-health from the caves to common, public grounds, yet the system of obtaining support is still broken and the Western psychotherapy model is a deeply flawed one. We talk more of the toxification of the Earth without discussing the myths that got us here and the collective ethos of defying nature to satisfy polluted systems and productivity culture. Sometimes you have to deconstruct to rebuild, and building a new architecture focused on the cycles of personal rewilding and coming into consciousness can impact individual health, the health of communities, and the health of the Earth.

weREWILD Offerings:
This living journal and community space of Rewilders is populated with membership-based and free resources (will make an image to illustrate). There are immersive workshops and group offerings, expert deep dive content created monthly around emotional/mental/spiritual health topics, community forums to connect with a pack, and additional prompts, meditations, and resources.

Elemental Rewilding™: is a “wholing” practice, as I like to say, a process – blessing our broken parts instead of fixing to reach Self-knowing and higher consciousness. The Five Elements™ of Rewilding and amplifying resilience are: participation in rich Communities; connection to and preservation of the Natural World; tapping into the ancient, organismic intelligence of the Soma; Creativity and self-expression; and Sharing our stories without filtration. Elemental Rewilding is a waltz between mysticism, ancient knowledge, and science, reminding us humans are regenerative and resilient like soil, wild at heart like the animal kingdom.

weREWILD and Elemental Rewilding™ are substantiated by a graduate thesis defining the five elements™ to help address and alleviate depression, anxiety, isolation, trauma, dissociation, and to bring us home to ourselves and the world we inhabit. For much more robust research and info about Elemental Rewilding™ visit HERE, to learn more about me, Micha, visit HERE, and to receive affordable resources and support our work through our subscription service coming soon visit HERE.




***Photo from Rewilding Retreat 2018, taken by Mari Trancoso***