Download full overview of facilitation offerings HERE.

This is one of the most powerful ways to experience the concepts of Rewilding for one’s self – in person, whether in a group of strangers, colleagues, or friends. Creating and facilitating workshops, group circles, and retreats is partially how I came to Rewilding, ecopsychology, coaching and healing, and their incredible relevance to all pathologies and human experiences. I utilize tools of nature-based and group-based therapy, mindfulness, coaching, somatics, and more – all aimed at a heart-opening experience.

I have facilitated for corporations, non-profit organizations, and my own weREWILD events and workshops. Currently, my programs are proprietary and can be married with other research and institutional or group/company needs. I generally facilitate alone or with pack mates. 

Please contact me directly,, for customized experiences for you and your groups, and check the site for announcements on council circles and other open groups.