Rockin’ Out | August is for Kyanite

by | Aug 1, 2016

The love we express for our crystals is a true reflection of self-love. Assuring our crystals are always cleansed and happy provides the receiver with the same source of blissful energy. However, there are a few stones so extraordinary that they never need clearing as they live in a state of constant attunement. Kyanite is one of the magic minerals whose cleansing is self-sustained and will never absorb anything less than divine.

The subtle energy that emits from Kyanite’s peaceful presence creates a calm in every cell that relaxes the entire being into the knowing of it’s true infinite nature. As a powerful linking stone, it unifies the mind with its tranquil spiritual essence. Deep clarity is restored within our stream of understanding as the ways in which we connect and process universal wisdom and broadcast conscious awareness are orderly and grounded in genuine expression.

As the stone of alignment, Kyanite will reinforce one’s connection with the Higher Self and channel its knowledge into both earthly and transcendent experiences. The entire chakra system is effortlessly balanced and aligned, forming a united spectrum of Light in which the presence of Unconditional Love and Compassion freely flows through. Any blocks or stuck energies that exist between the passageways of our energy vortexes are dissolved, restoring perfect harmony and freedom.

Kyanite upgrades energy fields to their highest vibrations, stimulating the intuitive channels and supporting neurological order. This raises psychic abilities and guides the mind’s vision into the loving embrace of the Universe. Higher awareness is activated as we consciously retune the mental channels to our ever-expanding mindfulness. This new level of perception supports the ability for Kyanite to act as an antennae for telepathic communication – to send and receive divine messages in a highly evolved manner.


I AM My Highest Divine Self Made Manifest Now.

 Sacred Ceremony

Everything is Sacred. Everything is Divine. In Kyanite’s embrace, see the Divinity in All That Is. Dissolving any and all illusions into the Light of the Universal Mind. May you unite as One with spirit and enter your physical world to participate in alignment with all of your true hearts desires, bringing the gift that you truly are into the lowest and highest of places to illuminate the space in which you occupy with your Loving Radiance.

Allow the frequency of Kyanite to guide you to the people, places and conditions in which your Love and Wisdom is needed. In these spaces, allow Kyanite to maintain your connection to your Higher Self, so you may trust in the knowing of your true divine perfection, uplifting yourself and uplifting the world. In this state of constant alignment with All That Is, the pathway to establish inner peace and blissful calm is created and self sustained so you may broadcast this peaceful message into all of creation.

You are safe and loved beyond measure to access your highest divine potential.

And so be it. And so it is.