Reiki and somatic practices are a part of my toolkit to balance verbal with non-verbal healing. Reiki’s tenets and origins are essentially as old as time, and its results are immeasurable when working with a strong practitioner. I’ve learned under one of the best, and I have adapted my own combination of Reiki and therapy into a practice.

Reiki is a healing modality where Universal Life Force Energy is shared through hands-on, or hovering hands, treatment. Not unlike receiving a massage, you lay down and are open to receiving. Practitioners study universal laws and ethics around providing this healing, but for the recipient it is an act of submission and openness to receiving. Reiki practitioners have been allowed in surgeries, assisted with fertility treatments, and are increasingly accepted in more traditional medical and healing settings. Fingers crossed on insurance acceptance someday for even more public access.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method.

Individual Healing Sessions:
My sessions integrate talk therapy elements and sound to help remove energetic blocks within the mind, body and spirit and to reach more meditative states. We have a brief discussion about intentions before the Reiki begins and after to process.

Reiki Attunements/Certifications:
This is an energetic rite of passage and an investment towards becoming a healer yourself. Following is information regarding each attunement, as passed down to me by my teacher:

The Level I Attunement (Cho Ku Rei) turns on the light switch to the power within that breaks the physical ties that bind your ability to expand, grow, and live in your truth. Here, you will be taught what Reiki means and what it can do for you to heal self through a several-hours ceremony.
The Level II Attunement (Sei He Ki and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen) focuses on emotional healing, releasing the mental body and reprogramming present traumas. Second level Reiki leads you to the deeper understanding of the ancient method of Reiki healing and the sacred symbols used to heal oneself and others. During the second level of Reiki training, the flow of Reiki energy within you intensifies through a several-hours ceremony.
The Level III/Master (Dai Ko Myo) helps you dive deeper into your spirit to use the tools you’ve learned in Level I and II to access the point of creation of your blocks and limitations. This level calls upon trust in the healer that you are remembering you’ve always been. You embody Reiki through a several-hours ceremony.
The Master Teacher Level (Dai Ko Myo and Raku) teaches you how to attune and certify others and supports you in potentially creating your own Reiki practice, supplying you with resources to feel confident and get started through a several-hours ceremony.