I empower adults and adolescents to return to their most whole, creative, and true selves, through immersive & restorative mind/body processes.

I believe we all possess what we need to feel more whole and resilient. In my work, I collaborate with others to establish a safe space where wounds, old stories, limiting beliefs, traumas, and any way life and external structures have tamed the soul & spirit can be tended. The process of reconnecting and stepping into a new state of consciousness can be challenging and present with some pain and discomfort, to put it gently. I meet everyone lovingly, with an approach that is empowering, collaborative, heart-centered, alive and honoring of the vulnerability and sacred timing required. When needed, I am an active guide in the process – challenging you and providing tools. Trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, harmful patterns & addictions, ADHD, dissociation, oppression and assimilation issues, and empowerment are major themes in many clients’ work.

This is an unsettling and provocative time, reminding us as individuals we’re a part of the collective and a part of the Earth…if we’re open to truly “seeing” the prism that is life. I am influenced by and trained in Jungian/Depth Psychology, Feminist Psychology and overall cultural, racial, and structural empowerment; Ecopsychology, Reiki and energy healing; psychedelic-assisted therapy and plant medicine, restorative justice, mindfulness; soma/trauma-oriented approaches and EMDR. A real brew of spiritual/mental/emotional/somatic approaches. I also lead and encourage group therapy experiences and am a program lead at Wolf Connection, an education and empowerment program pairing rescued wolves with at-risk adolescents and adults. Yep, wolves!

I alchemized a process and treasure map that I utilize with many clients and will soon be offering as an immersive program: Elemental Rewilding™. More info HERE.

Certifications & Trainings:

  • Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies Certificate, Naropa University
  • Trained in EMDR by EMDR Institute, Inc.
  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology with emphasis on Jungian/Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute
  • Level I, II, III and Master Teacher Reiki certified
  • Breathwork & mindfulness trained
  • Ketamine assistance (coming soon)