I have a very holistic and somewhat alternative philosophy on what we call therapy.

I believe we all possess what we need for psychological wholeness, and in the therapeutic relationship we seek to bring this forth through many healing modalities. Together, we establish a safe space where wounds, old stories, limiting beliefs, traumas, and any way life has tamed you can come to the fore and be tended. The process of reconnecting and rewilding your soul and spirit and stepping into a new state of consciousness can be lengthy and present with some pain and discomfort, but I meet you lovingly, with a heart-centered approach to honoring your sacred timing. I specialize in working with adults and adolescents and also work with wolves at Wolf Connection, helping present an integrative human/animal/nature therapeutic program.

With this unsettling and provocative time, we bring in the personal, collective, and unconscious material at play. I am an active guide at times in the therapeutic process – challenging you, providing suggestions for holistic health, and introducing coping tools and psychoeducation when appropriate. I fully honor the time and financial commitment our work together is and how utterly challenging committing to one’s Self and the work towards wholeness can be. I bear witness to incredible shifts emotionally, energetically and within the circumstances of life within my clients. I sincerely love what I do.

Therapeutically, I am influenced by and trained in Jungian/Depth Psychology (the unconscious, structures of psyche and Self, dreams, etc.); Feminist Psychology and overall cultural, racial, and structural empowerment; Ecopsychology (the interrelatedness of our internal structures and the sensuous world we inhabit); Reiki and energy healing; mindfulness; and soma/trauma-oriented approaches. I incorporate some CBT and am EMDR certified. Trauma, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, harmful patterns & addictions, ADHD, dissociation, and first generation issues & empowerment are major themes in many clients’ work. I also lead and encourage group therapy experiences.


  • In-office or outside garden (Altadena, CA)
  • Remote (Skype, Zoom, phone, etc.)

You can book sessions directly on my appointments page HERE or reach out directly. 
***Each quarter of the year I create sliding scale, ongoing sessions for two clients who need the sliding scale opportunity. Please reach out directly to find out more.