Monthly Medicine | March is The Cave

by | Mar 6, 2017

What we are releasing: King of Cups
What we are moving into: 4 of Cups

We are descending into some incredibly powerful, heretofore un-examined territory this month. March is a month to listen more than we speak, to wonder more than we assume — it is a time of quiet, and of internal exploration. There is much to discover and explore within ourselves at this time, and we will be welcomed and called down into those places this month. The descent will not be a frightening one, and The Cave is not a scary place. We are going home. The heart is calling us. We are coming back to the womb, to ourselves, to our truth. This will take some deep diving, but we are up for the challenge. The function of this month is two fold: to help us to clarify any areas of confusion or delusion in our lives, and to help us to emotionally digest and release everything that no longer serves us. This is occurring because it is making room for the new, for whatever is more deeply in alignment for us. For this exchange to take place, we must become quiet. We must trust in our intuition. We must swim, dive, leap into the crystalline cave of our being, exploring these hidden parts of ourselves with courage and willingness. If we are able to heed this call, there will be much treasure to bring back to the surface with us into our lives.

We are releasing the energy of King of Cups this month. King of Cups is an emotional master, someone who is able to hold an incredible amount of space for those around him. Ruled by both fire and water, he has learned how to balance his own emotional experience with that of other people around him. We are shifting out of that, not because we are giving up an emotional mastery, but because we are moving much more deeply into ourselves, and our own experience. It will be less about external energies this month, and more about an inner exploration. This does not mean that we will be less available to be of service, or to show up for our clients, our children, our friends, or our partners — it just means that while we are doing that, we will also be called inward. The key for the month will be to not engage with others unnecessarily, or as a distraction. Serve where you are asked, then return to the jeweled cave of your heart. One of the greatest challenges and teachings of the collective invitation right now is to understand that true service can only come from personal overflow. We must take care of ourselves in order to be available to other people. There is a potent medicine to this idea of The Cave — there are wisdoms, downloads, understandings and awarenesses to gain from this deep dive into self. They will be very important for us to absorb in order to go forward.

Four of Cups is what we will be moving through this month. This card has less to do with not taking a cup, and more to do with developing an awareness and trust of self. Four of Cups can teach us how to know when to drink from another cup, and when to digest what we’ve already consumed. March will be a time to digest. It is a time to clear away our past to make room for the future — this casts a very wide net. You may be called to energetically clear away old sexual partnerships, old patterning, old jobs, family karma, or birth trauma. Whatever you are called to, plunge in and swim deep. Be willing to make room and space within yourself, to clear the table for new experiences, new feelings, new engagements and new opportunities to come through. There is a great wisdom to the Four of Cups card. Trust that, even if you feel in your heart that you have to say no to something in order to integrate what has come before, it will come back to you if it is meant.

We are going down into The Cave of the soul this month. Again — this will not be a time of anxiety, or of darkness. It will be a time of learning to see in the dark. It will be a time to see with different eyes, with a different part of ourselves. It will give us the glorious chance to know ourselves in a whole new way. It will offer us the beautiful opportunity to make room, to make space, and to clear the path for what wants to come through. All we need to do is take the leap.

This will be our last post from our incredible contributor Lindsay Mack! Thank you for all of your intuitive downloads and beautiful words over the past two years. We look forward to welcoming our new contributor for the Monthly Medicine Channel in April.