Rockin’ Out | July is for Red Jasper

by | Jun 30, 2016

Not all crystals are here to heighten humanity’s consciousness to a level where one may travel throughout the Cosmic Realms transcending all Time and Space. Plenty of stones have made their presence available for humanity to restore their connection to this beautiful Planet. Red Jasper, the blood of the Earth, is one of the greatest tools there is to anchor into Terra’s terrain. When we reinforce our connection to Mother Earth’s embrace, we recover the stability and life-force to navigate through our human experience with renewed stamina and peace of mind.

Red Jasper is a stone that works powerfully yet gradually. Its vibration stimulates the rise of Kundalini energy throughout our channels as it nurtures us along whatever triumphs or challenges we are facing. As we ground into the compassionate dimensions of Mother Earth’s energy fields, emotions are stabilized and balanced with the mental, physical and spiritual beings. This process will open the pathway to express heart-centered truths and establish healthy energetic boundaries with loved ones and conditions in our lives so that we properly nurture every cell of our being. In invoking this act of self-love, we are able to be of greater assistance to the Planet, Humanity and All That Is as the extraordinary healers that we all truly are.

With our divine template, stabilized and stimulated by the all-loving energies of Gaia through the assistance of Red Jasper, we are blessed with the key to open our mental channels to heightened states of clarity and bliss. The frequency of Red Jasper also strengthens our physical being to heal and restore the immune system and overall physical health of any discords or imbalances. Its light travels throughout the bloodstream and purifies the circulatory system spinning away anything that does not belong in the cellular memory. Complete harmony can be experienced when we act with patience and remain gentle to ourselves throughout the process of recovery.

In a world of polarity, Red Jasper is here to remind us to not get caught up in the illusionary fears and concerns of this world and to trust in the support from the Earth to divinely guide us along our illuminated path of Loving service. In this realm of sacred security, the nurturing energy of Red Jasper teaches us that we have nothing to fear and we have everything to Love. We have access to a support system so powerful that all of our dreams can be attained if these dreams are truly that of our heart’s desires. Speaking of dreams, place Red Jasper under your pillow at night to strengthen the memory of your travels as you sleep so that you awaken with greater understanding and awareness.


I AM grounded and divinely guided by the nurturing energies of Mother Earth.


Sacred Ceremony

Create a cord of Light from your sacral or root chakra. This Light can be any color that comes to mind, or you can also combine colors together like Cobalt Blue and Emerald Green rays or even Rainbow Light. I would recommend holding this ceremony in the morning so that you can start the day grounded into the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth. Allow her nurturing and loving energies to dissolve any disharmony you may be experiencing and transmute the effects into all loving energies.

Ask that the Light and Love of the Earth, the Mother, The Queen, The Receiver, The Goddess and the Divine Feminine fill and overflow within and around you, forming a unified grid of Light and Love in which the presence of Unconditional Love and Compassion freely flows through. Allow this Light and this Love to enter into your heart space so that you may call forth your highest consciousness and remain heart-centered throughout your earthly and ethereal travels of the day.

Send this Light and this Love throughout your circulatory and respiratory systems and throughout any parts of your physical being that require extra strength in this time and space. Allow this Light and Love to enter into every cell of your being, spinning away old energies, patterns, programs or stuck emotions into the Light and anchoring the presence of Infinite Love and Divine Perfection into every cell. Now, send this Love and Light to All That Is without limits or expectations.

Trust in the knowing that as you have grounded your being into the embrace of Mother Earth, you are enfolded in a cocoon of Love and Light so powerful that you may sustain and maintain your connection to your Higher Self and Oneness throughout your day of bliss and gratitude.

And so be it. And so it is.