Crystal Clearing | Bloodstone

by | Mar 3, 2017

To ease a heart of gold during times of planetary transformation, which appear more like waves of chaos than divine order, the presence of Bloodstone is available to neutralize and transmute the effects of fearful anxiety into loving action. As a stone of purification, Bloodstone can strengthen the physical structure to assimilate a greater light force into the bloodstream, grounding the spiritual expression of oneness into every cell, atom and electron – as the knowing of one’s wholeness and perfection is made crystal clear.

Deep green healing rays of light harmonize with the red tones of Bloodstone’s crystalline structure to purify the bloodstream and ground heart energy into the core of one’s being, creating a sense of calm that alters perceptions of reality to extraordinary visions of spiritual expansion. Alignment is restored with the higher realms to receive divine transmissions, dissolving stress while awareness and respect of the process to one’s true perfection is met with the understanding of the essential confusion and disturbances that may occur before initiating into a realm of pure transcendence.

As Bloodstone works to clear lower energies from the intuitive or mental channels and chakra system, physical and emotional toxins are cleansed, stimulating vitality and activating life-force to navigate the pathways of renewal with stability and strength. The root chakra becomes free of old traumas, recovering the presence of purity and passion within this sacred space and creating the atmosphere to access greater states of physical expression and radiance to put forth into all experiences with self-sustained energy.

Bloodstone delivers the gift of enlightenment as its stabilizing effects lay the secure foundation to restore and realign, welcoming in a powerful download of universal wisdom to integrate throughout this human experience in the most divine time and ways. Any parts of the being living in past or future memories or conditions are brought back to experience and fully observe this perfect time and space as the consciousness awakens the perfection of present moment awareness.


I AM grateful for this perfect present moment.

Sacred Ceremony

During times of stress, work with Bloodstone to dissolve the affects of anxiety into action. Connect with your higher self and visualize a beautiful violet flame surrounding you three feet in all directions.

Welcome Archangel Zadkiel, Ascended Master St. Germain and Lady Portia. Ask that they assist you in transmuting the effects of disharmony through the full power of the violet flame into the effects of pure divine love, dissolving the energies in all directions and dimensions of time and space.

Now, welcome in the green healing ray of light into your heart and send this light throughout your bloodstream to clear away old traumas, patterns or programs from your cellular memory that may trigger you into illusionary states of fear, worry or concern. Allow the light to gently spin it away and to fill the void with the frequencies of Infinite Love into every cell of your perfect Divine Being.


In the Name of the Light. And So Be It. And So It Is.