Crystal Clearing | Morganite

by | Mar 8, 2017

In a realm of heart-centered awareness, one can witness the infinite expressions of love that exist within the vast cosmic expanse of their multidimensional being. This illumination of the heart opens a portal to a sacred space where one can process the unconscious wounds that energetically block the acceleration into a higher frequency of being. The crystalline transmissions of Morganite facilitate this process of transformation to cleanse and activate the heart to express and receive the highest orders of love.

Morganite lovingly shines light on hidden pain and traumas that may close one off from experiencing and sharing unconditional love, creating the space to attract more harmonious relationships, including one’s true soulmate. In clearing the energetic blockages and mental disharmony, the emotional body is stabilized to support its transition into a healthy and happy state of acceptance and renewal, allowing loving connections to maintain their bond to its highest potential. True emotional needs and desires are discovered and manifested into creation in ways that honor ones destiny.

As a stone of divine love, Morganite vibrates in harmony with the resonance of pure love and compassion. It’s gentle yet powerful transmissions secure the connection to the source of love so that one may carry this essence in all thoughts and actions, creating a lightness of heart and being. Although one’s mental stream of consciousness may perceive profound wisdom, the intelligence of the heart space is where true knowledge resides. As Morganite works to relax the mental channels to produce loving thoughts, it guides the way for one to settle in their heart space to lovingly observe and listen to those who surround them and radiate their own understanding through this force field of loving awareness.

Morganite works to align the individual with the heart center to express and receive divine love as relationships develop to a new level of cooperation and emotional growth that creates a foundation to develop equanimity in all close encounters. The unity and intimacy found in this compassionate world of understanding stimulates the heart chakra to strengthen the communion within personal connections and the infinite flow of love. As partnerships continue to develop, confidence in the power of love becomes as true as the air one must breathe to sustain vitality and lifeforce.

The resistance to personal growth that once prevented access to a higher level of spiritual awareness no longer dwells within the heart or mind as loving thoughts and peaceful actions support the process of self-healing and empowerment. With great self-awareness and a heart overflowing with the most potent love there is, one becomes aware of their true assignment in the world and of service to humanity. In deep gratitude, this role of loving commitment illuminates the path of freedom in divine order and guidance.


I AM a being of Divine Love

Sacred Ceremony

Align with your higher self, and welcome in any light guides, archangels, ascended masters or deities to assist. Meditate with Morganite on your heart space. Allow any unconscious or conscious, hidden or secret, emotional traumas or disharmony that you may be holding onto, to dissolve into the light of Morganite’s loving embrace. As you create the space for more love, align your entire body and energy fields with the source of infinite love, and welcome this nurturing energy in to your entire being. Continue working with Morganite to allow the most powerful force of pure love to fill your mind and heart so that you may live and breathe in heart-centered awareness.


And So Be It. And So It Is.