Rockin’ Out | December is for Rose Quartz

by | Dec 1, 2016

In a world of polarity, what the planet needs now is to be enfolded in a cocoon of unconditional love and compassion. Mother Earth has held the space for Rose Quartz to form into a beautiful mineral that opens one up to visions of reality that are pure and accepting. The crystalline transmissions radiating from the gentle vibrations within rose quartz’s compassionate embrace allow for the universal law of forgiveness to be brought into action as one navigates through these wild times, uniting frequencies with this precious stone, as disharmony dissolves and trust in divine love is restored throughout the stream of consciousness.

The essence of Rose Quartz seals the energy fields in the most peaceful kind of love. As one works with the law of forgiveness in healing old traumas, triggers, or programs that block them from creating the space to experience more love and gratitude for their beautiful life, old emotions and energies are cleared from the cellular memory so that higher frequencies of being can be experienced. The void where dissolved anger and frustration once existed is replaced with the presence of peace and understanding, as the entire chakra system is gracefully cleared of lower energy and brought back into harmony and balance. Old patterns are replaced with acts of self-love and forgiveness as the emotional body aligns with the source of eternal peace.

Rose Quartz unites the heart, one’s true gateway to infinite divine wisdom, with the crystalline heart of Mother Earth and the universe. As the heart connects its rhythm with infinite sources of love, the essence of eternal peace joins the union to accelerate the healing process. This gentle yet powerful stone is truly the most important crystal to work with in order for more high frequency heart chakra stones such as Kunzite to do their work. To truly activate the hearts love into expression, one must first heal the heart of deep emotional wounds and balance the effects with forgiveness to all involved as they practice the art of compassion. Healing is a process, and Rose Quartz allows the healing journey to be filled with patience, joy and gratitude.

Hidden within the crystalline structures of Rose Quartz exists the blue ray of light that allows one to channel their truthful heart-centered expression with a tone of pure love. There is no desire to communicate with anger or frustration when the presence of this unconditionally loving stone is uplifting your vibration. It provides a calming effect that serves as a reminder that you are always where you need to be. There is no need to rush or feel lost along your personal evolution as you trust in the knowing that you are always at the right place at the right time, fully supported by the heartbeat of the earth and universe. In this tranquil space, only the most powerful force of love can exist in ones divine presence.


I AM enfolded in a cocoon of Unconditional Love and Compassion

Sacred Ceremony

Welcome the pink ray of divine love into every cell of your being. Allow the blue ray to join this expression of love and to enfold your entire being in cocoon of tranquility, protection and compassion.

Allow yourself to see reality with a vision of love, to see the divine in all that is.

Hold a vision of all political structures and politicians functioning in harmony. Surround any injustice happening on our planet as a result of greed in a cocoon of unconditional love and compassion.

Call upon the universal law of forgiveness to heal any parts of you that are out of balance so that you can serve the earth in even more extraordinary ways.

If you have a spare Rose Quartz, hold a crystal planting ceremony and place it back into the embrace of the Mother Earth. You can surrender anything that no longer serves you to be transmuted back into the effects of love. You can also ask for peace and love to restore throughout the hearts of all humanity and hold a vision of the entire planet enfolded in eternal love. Send blessings and healing to all that as.

And so be it. And so it is.

Please take a few moments to assist those at Standing Rock protecting our water and earth by clicking here & here.