Monthly Medicine | January Wishes to Take You for a Ride

by | Jan 2, 2018

Universal energy this month: Knight of Wands
What we’re bringing to the table: Six of Coins
Further advice/assistance: Fluorite
Decks: Fountain Tarot, Visions Crystal Oracle

Alas, we’re tumbling into a new year and with that comes the onslaught of resolution talk: diet, weight loss, regular exercise, cutting back on sugar, alcohol, social media, time on one’s phone, etc. As we’re all aware, this is the time of year to make it a point to get our shit together, even though we know most resolutions fall to the wayside only weeks into the year. While I’m certainly not a fan of the whole ‘new year, new you’ mentality, I’m all hands on deck when it comes to slow and steady self-improvement. Want to start going to the gym so you feel strong and confident? Do it! Want to reel in on meaningless purchases so you can save for a home? Congrats to you! Want to cut back on drinking because you’ve noticed you’ve taken it a bit too far too often? All about it! If you couldn’t tell, the pulls this month were centered on getting ourselves off on the right foot for 2018, especially in regards to working with the energy we’ve been universally dealt.

In terms of go get ’em energy, there isn’t much that can beat the Knight of Wands, which is what we’ve been handed this month: enthusiastic, adventurous, passionate, charismatic, endlessly motivated. Is there anything better to be surrounded with if you’re looking to get something off the ground, especially a possibly life-changing resolution? Think of it as being swept off your feet with an idea, purpose, or end-goal that has you all in. I like to view it as having tunnel vision, where what you want is the only thing that matters and all distractions are simply shimmers on the distant sideline. You’re consumed with the picture of what will be, not could or might be, for you are invincible! See, while this energy can certainly get the ball rolling and you galloping in the direction of your dreams, there are negative attributes that need to be addressed. For instance, there’s youthful cockiness that needs a sitting down and talking to. Impulsiveness is another downside and could find you going down a short road to nowhere. Lastly, there’s the possibility of burnout, of being under such a spell of all that will be you can’t and won’t slow it the hell down when needed. With that being the case, how can you fully capitalize on this energy without having to deal with the less than stellar traits?

When our dashing Knight is in the zone, the energy they embody is certainly spectacular. It’s a completely different story when they’re a flighty hot mess, which very well could be the course for you. How can you keep the Knight’s positive characteristics and ground the rest? How can you pair it with any and all new year’s-related goals, aspirations, and intentions so you’re killing it for most of the year? How can you sustain this energy for the long haul and not just for the first month of the year? This is where our Six of Coins and Fluorite swoop in and make themselves handy.

The short and sweet of it is, this here duo brings the Knight down to Earth. Goodbye to letting yourself get wrapped up in pipe dreams for common sense and clarity reign supreme. Goodbye mental and physical burnout for you’ll have the insight and capacity to acknowledge when you’re going overboard and need to slow it down. Goodbye ignoring everything else in your life while you’re hot to trot on _____, for balance will be properly observed and righted. Goodbye desiring instant gratification and results and settling into more of a reliable long haul. Here’s the ushering in of patience where there was little to none exhibited before, the ability to plan your course of action for weeks and months down the line, and the willingness to actually commit to whatever you wish to conquer. In terms of the day to day, both the Six of Coins and Fluorite give you a hefty dose of realism and provide you with a good head on your shoulders. Make sense?

In terms of putting this medicine into practice, take my ultimate wish, which is to make my tarot business my full-time job. In Knight of Wands mode, I’d simply dive right into that dream – maybe severely cut back on my day job, contact every single business and person I know about reading there or for them, and find a studio space to conduct readings out of. I’d be so caught up in the tizzy of it all that I wouldn’t stop and think about what was logical and practical. Why would that matter when in that moment I’d be feeling a great rush and as though the possibilities were endless? Bringing in the Six of Coins and Fluorite would make me flat out stop in my tracks and bring me down to speed, forcing me to reflect on where I was in that moment and what my next steps would be. In my real life, I’ve done just that, thinking about licensing, business accounts, taxes, what cutting down on even a day at my day job means for my partner, the lack of security this work brings, and how my hesitation and reservations about constantly marketing and promoting myself is a constant struggle. While that duo can certainly be seen as a severe buzzkill, they make it so you enter a goal, aspiration, plan, project, you name it knowing full well what you’re in for. There are no surprises. There’s no instant gratification. There’s knowing my growth is slow yet steady, which is always sustainable.

Given all that was discussed above, what is it you’re looking to achieve this year? What do you want more of? Where do you want to direct your focus? How does this realistically impact your day? How can you spread your workload over the course of the year to avoid fatigue? While you’re being urged to dream and to be consumed by your passions, know they should be rooted and grounded in all that is real.