Monthly Channeled Forecast | January is Redirection

by | Jan 1, 2019

Significator: Judgement, It Gets Better
Walking away from: 8 of Cups
Walking into: 10 of Cups rx, Knight of Cups

Channeled from Spirit using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck and Vessel Oracle deck by Spirit Speak.

January is an incredibly interesting month. It is the start of a new year, of new hopes and dreams. Collectively, we expect deep change and for our slates to be wiped clean. We go on diets, make resolutions, and create impossible bucket lists. In January of 2019 we will still taste the bittersweet residue of last year, merging with the promise of what will be for the next 12 months. I have to say that this month will take us for an unexpected ride. January will invite us to revisit unfinished wounds, themes, or drama from last summer of 2018 that we can either decide to look at and confront, or simply decide we are not ready. Please know that it is ok to be in either space of readiness or un-readiness. There is no “right” or “wrong” in the individualized process of healing. Like I always say, our Spirit Guides would never present us an opportunity to grow (even as uncomfortable as it might be) if we weren’t ready to face it.

Judgement is a powerful significator for January. This energy presents us with a deep opportunity to see the incredible potential in all of us. To really understand this energy, we must step into a place of non self-judgement, and dissolve the negative narratives that we are anything less than amazing. We are indeed the driver of our life path, not the passenger. The moment we can snag this incredible opportunity to manifest our divinity, we will be on the fast track to shining brighter than ever in this crazy school of life. You must share your gifts, visions and ideas into the world and transcend any “imposter syndrome” that the ego is attempting to sabotage the soul. Judgement is telling us we are ready to step into our true roles, and resurrect from the ashes of 2018.

The 8 of Cups is a deep redirection of where we once thought we were headed, and now we are moving away from. We will experience this as an “AHA!” moment of clarity, or perhaps it will be quite subtle. This redirection is deeply imbedded in our emotional center, so expect to do some inner work in solitude the first half of January. Anything uncomfortable existing in a liminal space will bubble up to the surface and invite us to redirect it and transmute it into light.

The 10 of Cups rx dips into some uncomfortable family dynamics and any themes around what “family” means to us. What is family? Some of us don’t identify with our biological family. Some of us are adopted. Some of us are blessed with a tight-knit family. Maybe your community is your family. Whatever your situation looks like, the 10 of Cups rx is coming to a healthy agreement with ourselves that family is never a smooth ride and sometimes cannot offer the love we desire and hope for. Perhaps ideas and conversations around having children or deciding to not have children is coming up. Anything that circles around this idea of family and what it is “supposed” to look like comes to a head this month. When any “cups” card is in reversal, we must see the literal imagery: the cup is turned upside-down in order to empty out anything that is false, toxic, or doesn’t serve or higher being. Use this time as an opportunity to be extremely soft on ourselves this month. We choose our family. We choose how we want to share our hearts – remember that. We don’t have to love anyone or anything that makes us feel like shit.

The Knight of Cups is the sweet energy that will help navigate us through anything rough this month. It is the bringer of love. Remember that using logic when our hearts are in pain might not be the correct solution. Navigate softly, emotionally and with pure heart. The Knight of Cups offers us the ability to receive intuitive information that will be the key to unlock and open our hearts more readily than ever before. This is a time of heightened sensitivity. My advice is to trust this energy as you might navigate through uncomfortable waters. I see potentially deep love sprouting this month for some of you, and most importantly, an opportunity to retrieve that love and bring it back to yourself.

Happy New Year, loves! May 2019 bring you all deep love and soul transformation. It Gets Better.