Rockin’ Out | June is for Lapis Lazuli

by | Jun 7, 2016

Crystals have lived in the electromagnetic energy field of Mother Earth since before the dawn of time collecting her nurturing loving energies and anchoring the cosmic lights of Father Sky. A stone proving this to be true is Lapis Lazuli, an ancient Egyptian treasure and a blessing to all of mankind. The presence of Lapis in the earth plane is not here to act as a healer; its intention is to empower the true divine being of Light.

When one grounds in their true worth and refines the energetic fields with the assistance of Lapis, the soul comes to realize that they are the most noble of authorities acting in their world, and that the Higher Self is always available to attune with in order to strengthen the connection to All That Is. In gaining access to the ancient wisdom within the Crystalline Kingdom of Lapis, the passageways of self-realization and expression are illuminated by divine truth and power.

Genuine messages of ethereal knowledge are discovered and channeled into the spoken languages of Light. This verbal exchange of sacred understanding shifts the perception to further support and maintain all that has been recovered into the divine temple of being. With this heightened awareness, Lapis creates the space to process and honor the authentic inherent values that are the birthright of all earthlings.

Awareness expands in the most powerful of ways as Lapis works its magic harmonizing the pituitary gland as the minds eye receives crystal clear visions of the past, present, future and forever. In establishing divine symmetry, the endocrine system comes back into balance as pure consciousness aligns with cosmic truth; sustaining the revelation of the souls true purpose and power. In doing so, we reunite with the King, the Queen and the Royalty that we all truly are.

Lapis will clear energetic vortexes and intuitive channels of any blockages and reveal to the mind what is out of alignment with ones true soul pathway. The royal force breaks through the barriers of illusion dissolving them into the light of its powerful embrace so states of universal awareness are recovered. In this vibrant dimension, Oneness with the Infinite and Eternal states of being ignite the sparks of activation to explore these sacred realms accelerating one further along the cosmic ride, awakening inner transformation and empowering every cell and condition.


 I AM a clear and powerful conduit of Divine Love and Light 

Sacred Ceremony:

Place Lapis Lazuli on Third Eye or Throat chakra. Visualize the most beautiful color of Light or union of colors you can imagine. Allow this vibrant light to harmonize with the Lapis in dissolving any blockages or stuck energies in your third eye or throat so that you may clearly see or express you true hearts desires.

Ask the Lapis to guide you to a state of being that reveals to you what is blocking you from confidently grounding in your divine truth and power so that you can identify the source, collect the energies that no longer serve, neutralizing and dissolving them into the Light of Lapis and replacing the void with all loving messages of empowerment and truth.

Allow this purification to in assist you in opening up to infinite possibilities that serve and honor your highest good. Ask Lapis to reveal to you the ways in which you can further accelerate your evolution with grace and ease.

Thank Lapis, your Higher Self and any Lightguides who may have assisted you in the process.

And so be it. And so it is.