Rockin’ Out | November is for Tanzanite

by | Nov 5, 2016

The Crystalline Kingdom of the heart is the gateway to the most real and powerful forces available throughout the multiverse: the presence of magic and love. Angelic messengers have gifted humanity with the frequency of Tanzanite as a key to unlock this wisdom to assist one’s purpose to uplift themselves and this world. With the power to harmonize and unite the higher energy vortexes with the heart, one can express the heart’s wisdom into words, perceptions, and manifestations through visions of the mind’s eye, building the divine blueprint that will create the reality of ones true hearts desires.

As a stone of magic and angelic communication, Tanzanite opens the pathway of communication to the Angelic Kingdom where one first tunes into the wisdom by entering the heart, allowing the knowledge to travel throughout the throat, third eye, crown and soul star chakras, enfolding the energy fields in a cocoon of transcendence. With its ability to stimulate and strengthen the third eye, crown and soul star chakras, one can experience expanded states of clairaudience and clairvoyance, awakening higher metaphysical consciousness amidst the realms of spiritual transformation.

Heart-centered truths are shared without illusionary fears or concerns of judgment from anyone involved, as the heart’s wisdom unites with the throat, expressing freedom from past limitations. The linking process continues from the throat to third eye, dissolving stuck memories or visions that block one from seeing reality with a perception of beauty. The mind’s eye becomes attuned to the frequency of the heart, to see the divine in All That Is, and to project this image of love into all conditions. Once the heart connects with the crown, the higher self is clearly aligned as the angels help to integrate the wisdom of the celestial kingdom into peaceful encounters and uplifting conditions.

When the soul star and heart harmonize as one, magic becomes intricately woven throughout one’s stream of consciousness to initiate them to a higher level of  existence and channel this awareness gently back into the heart to express into all of creation. The angels will guide the way into this sacred vortex. All you have to do is ask and invite the higher self to discover comfort and perfection in a realm of purity and expansion. This expansion dissolves limiting ideas of space and time and lower energies into the effects of love. Through Tanzanite’s divine guidance, a state of oneness is achieved, knowing the angels will illuminate the way.



I AM Magic because I AM Love.

Sacred Ceremony

 Set the space and hold a Tanzanite close to your heart. If you don’t have access to one, just hold your hand to the heart and trust the frequency of this crystal is present in this time and space.

Welcome your Higher Self. Guardian Angels and Archangels to come through to assist. Ask your Higher Self and the Angels to clear your channels of any energies which do not serve. You can burn sage or palo santo to uplift this process. Ask the Angels to enfold your entire being in a cocoon of emerald green and cobalt blue rays of light, three feet in all directions, clearing and protecting you on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Ask the Angels to guide you into your heart as you detach from repetitive thoughts or worries about the past or in the future. Take a moment to bask in the radiance of this sacred space and talk to the Angels about any concerns you may have, any fears or disharmony that you can surrender into their compassionate embrace.

Allow the Angels to carry your burdens and dissolve them into the Light.

Now, let the Angels know your true heart’s desires, your dreams you wish to manifest into all of creation. Let them know you are willing and ready to receive their divine assistance to continue the process of creating your beautiful reality.  Know that you hold the golden key to your beautiful heart and can always enter this space to communicate with your Higher Self and the Angels so that they can assist in any way that will uplift yourself and uplift this world.

And so be it. And so it is.