Crystal Clearing | Sodalite

by | Dec 20, 2018

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Opening the mind’s eye in illumined realms is an extraordinary pursuit for both stellar and practical awareness of multidimensional knowledge. Connection between the inner and outer worlds, the higher levels of light, and the physical plane’s existence, create new neural pathways of perceiving reality. As a stone of logic that resembles the night sky, Sodalite shines light on the inherent inner knowing of “all that is sacred”, providing access to profound universal wisdom that gently resonates with every cell of one’s being.

It can be difficult to discover a true vision of what it looks like to thrive in the new age when old stories or illusions clutter the stream of consciousness. Sodalite can strengthen the connection to one’s true sense of self through recognition of personal gifts, potential, and ambitions, while providing a valuable comprehension of old patterns and programs that diminish personal power. In this realization, the mental channels harmonize with the intuitive nature, clearing worries and confusion, while adhering to positive modes of thinking and divine intervention.

As the mind operates at its highest potential, rational logic and wisdom initiate productive outlets for creativity and observations, awakening dormant intelligence for more structure and discipline in all endeavors. An alert and focused mind inspires efficient organizational skills and heightened ambition, and when aligned with clear intuition can help one to dream and manifest with greater consistency, igniting sparks of insight and clarity to direct the path of empowerment. No matter how challenging or uplifting the road may be, Sodalite will guide the way.

With advanced cognitive function and cosmic awareness, the individual can gracefully recognize and cope with emotional disharmony and patterns, transmuting the effects into peace and understanding of its true purpose and the ability to turn challenges and initiations into personal alchemy. As one becomes more secure and aware, connection and solidarity with like-minded souls is more meaningful and dynamic, with a collective agreement of what it means to collaborate. When the group consciousness and creative forces harmonize and unite, the world becomes a more innovative and revolutionary place.

I AM mentally clear and focused on what I Love

Sacred Ceremony

Take time to check in with yourself on a mental and emotional level. What is blocking or distracting you from more clarity and motivation to accelerate further along your evolutionary journey?

Welcome your higher self to come through to ignite divine light encodings and blueprints to awaken your potential on a spiritual level, harmonizing your eternal nature with the physical in order to embrace your vast multidimensional awareness.
In this realm of pure consciousness, allow the mind to transcend any limiting programs or thought forms, replacing them with revolutionary modes of thinking and perceiving reality.

As the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies recalibrate and restore harmony, open your mind’s eye and hold the vision of all you truly desire to create and where you wish to keep and focus your attention on.

Honor, remember, and embrace who you truly are and why you are here.