Crystal Clearing | Clear Quartz

by | Oct 5, 2017

Since the dawn of time to this present moment, the crystal kingdom has blessed the world with healing treasures in the most simple and extraordinary of ways. Out of all the minerals to attune with, Clear Quartz is perhaps the most well-received crystal of the ages. From its use in electronics, acting as a crystal oscillator, to storing information of universal love from ancient Lemuria, the encodings of quartz crystal will raise the light carrying dimensions of one’s inherent nature to operate at his or her highest divine potential.

Clear Quartz is the manifestation of multidimensional languages of light. The crystalline structure of quartz reveals itself in many visions as its infinite essence illuminates the wisdom held deep within to enable the individual to see through illusions and clear all that blocks ones true path and purpose. In doing so, and with clear intention, Quartz can create new neural and spiritual pathways, stimulating intuition as spirit transcends the conscious mind while lovingly guiding the way to the right places and most uplifting of conditions that will stabilize the foundation of spiritual expansion and open one up to receive their hearts desires.

With fearless motivation and divine inspiration, the frequencies of this powerful magic open an interdimensional realm of personal mastery where all actions and thoughts are grounded in one’s truth and power. When the human experience is in alignment with pure potential, the entire being relaxes in the knowing that all is well. The physical and etheric nervous system unite as one, restoring balance and creating an atmosphere to embody higher frequencies of light, otherwise known as universal wisdom. This knowledge clears the channels to the higher realms, integrating its cosmic message into every cell, atom and electron to transmit into hearts in the most loving of ways.

By consciously tuning in to the vibrations of Clear Quartz, one’s energy fields are purified allowing crystal clear intentions to be programmed to manifest into creation in ways that truly serve and empower. A radiant mind will assist in activating the amplifying quality to its highest perfection with the ability to increase the potency of intentions, holistic supplements, or to simply raise the vibration of the individual or atmosphere in which it harmonizes with. In working with its properties of programming, transmitting, receiving and amplifying energy, one is brought back to themselves in a way that reveals just how infinite the individual truly is through invoking the assistance of crystalline wisdom.


I AM a Clear Conduit of Universal Wisdom

Sacred Ceremony

Welcome your higher self and any light guides or angels who serve to assist. Hold a Clear Quartz to your heart space or third eye and lovingly program the crystal with positive intentions for yourself, humanity, and the world you came to heal that truly serves and honors the highest and greatest good of all involved. Surrender attachment to its manifestation to be brought into creation with the universal flow. Remain open to receive your blessings and true heart’s desires in the perfect divine time and the most magical of ways. And So Be It. And So It Is.