Crystal Clearing | Peridot

by | Jan 6, 2018

The kaleidoscope of the mineral kingdom has a way of uncovering the perfect remedies for humanity in times of chaos and revolution. During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, a little stone of pure joy emerged to uplift the heavy hearts and traumatized minds out of the darkness of despair and into the light of hope and renewal. The vibration of warmth and comfort transmits its message through Peridot, a green gem with yellow rays of radiant positive energy. As the modern world works to heal what is out of alignment with the loving truth of humanities hearts, Peridot secures a shield of protection and a sense of bliss during these extraordinary times.

As a stone of self-worth and empowerment, Peridot helps the individual reclaim their personal power and life force, stimulating vitality and grounding one in integrity, allowing true dreams and desires to manifest into creation. Peridot helps one become free of the connections or energetic entanglements to individuals or energies that to do not serve so that universal wisdom and intuition can illuminate the path of service and provide visions of optimism to assist the expansion of ones personal evolutionary journey. Peridot reveals and clears old patterns and programs from the cellular memory to open the doorway to transformation as the entire being awakens to a state of euphoria.

The frequency of happiness beaming from the crystalline structure of this rejuvenating stone creates an atmosphere to let go of the wounds of the past and fears of the future as one resumes responsibility for their beautiful life, healing the world within and around through forgiveness and acceptance. Peridot seals the energy fields and works to clear lower vibrations to sustain and maintain an optimum state of divine perfection. The presence of Peridot helps one feel radiant, free, and united with their highest potential. In this realm of well-being, one can reaffirm their birthright to thrive and align to the source of limitless abundance.

As the yellow and green rays of Peridot transmit and integrate into the physical and ethereal body, nervous energy in the solar plexus chakra dissolves in the light of relaxation, restoring balance and opening hearts to experience love on a deeper level. The stress of life and the weight of the world no longer forge blocks from living in harmony with the resonance of elation. One truly finds the safe space to express their inherent kindness and form more spiritually based connections. Illusionary fears, worries and doubts no longer distract the stream of consciousness from dreaming dreams into actuality, strengthening the connection to ones purpose and power as love and joy guide the way.


I AM pure joy!

Sacred Ceremony:

Be a source of joy and empowerment for yourself, loved ones, humanity and the world around you. Talk about your dreams and joys with someone you love today. Express your true desires into creation. Watch it all manifest in the most perfect divine time and ways.

And So Be It. And So It Is.