Monthly Medicine | January is Quiet Liberation

by | Jan 3, 2017

Cast and channeled by using The Starchild Tarot

What is leaving: QUEEN OF PENTACLES

The energy of the month: KING OF SWORDS

What we are learning about: NINE OF PENTACLES

A new year! January is a very powerful month, one that is shaping up to be a little microcosm of the year ahead. 2017 insists that we do some internal digging. We will be invited to investigate our inner landscapes over and over this year, clarifying our truth so we may be fully aligned and prepared for the opportunities and growth that will come calling for us this year. Every external situation, every projection, every judgement, every anxiety and every thought we experience must be examined now. We can no longer continue to live through the lens of the projection of the mind. We must evolve. There is no other way, going forward. There will be some pretty massive energetic shifts this year, and January is really getting our mental and physical selves centered and ready for them. December had us tuning in with QUEEN OF PENTACLES. Under her energy, we were invited to reconnect with ourselves holistically. January is going to serve as a very powerful connector of mind, body, communication and personal expansion, all woven together by KING OF SWORDS and NINE OF PENTACLES. From the work in these two cards, a quiet liberation will be possible, freeing us from the old, and pouring us into the new. It’s not one that will be easily broadcast from social media, it isn’t one that everyone will notice right away – you will notice. You will start to see a spark of light where there was only darkness. Honor the journey, keep walking to the light.

This shift from QUEEN OF PENTACLES to KING OF SWORDS marks a transition from deep body nourishment and re-connection with the land to a renewal of our strength, imbuing us with a clarity of heart and a desire to channel that into holy communication and speaking our truth. The truth expressed from KING OF SWORDS has the potential to set us free. From this place of heart-centered truth, we can heal rifts, clarify confusions, eliminate doubt, and liberate ourselves from any aspect of our life that is out of alignment. The energetic medicine of King of Swords has the power to radically shift our lives, if we are willing to express ourselves in a way that is at the highest frequency possible, married with our hearts and souls. The key will be to cultivate the courage to do this, to release attachment to how others might receive our words. If they don’t like it, it’s okay. We must speak anyway, honoring that anything that comes from truth will set us free.

We must ask ourselves again and again this month: are we holding onto any words that need to be spoken? Is there anything within us that hitches up our fear, discomfort or triggers a feeling of unworthiness? It is important to investigate the patterns that keep us from speaking so we can release them intentionally. Anything from even small comments to giant outpourings have the potential and the power to shift our lives this month. Deeply tune in with yourself throughout the month of January and see if there are feelings on your heart that are ready to be expressed. Remember: if something is a deep heart truth for us, it contains a healing within it that will and can be felt by everyone in the world. Our truth changes the weaving of our lives. Trust yourself. Don’t hold it in.

NINE OF PENTACLES puts a beautiful cap on this as our lesson for the month. This card asks us to honor how far we’ve come, to bask in the fruits of our labor, all that 2016 taught us. 2016 was a powerful teaching year. It invited everyone to evolve, expand, get uncomfortable. That was so important, and we made it through. Now it is just as important to take what we’ve learned and spread it around. The way that we can really do this is by creating space to go within, offering ourselves gratitude and love, encouraging what’s been growing within us to blossom. It is truly the fuel that will keep us going in the coming year.

2017 is going to be powerful, and the great work of the next several years is really going to begin here. It is vitally important that we be in our integral, honest, potent truth. We haven’t got anything if we don’t have that. Explore your connection to your truth, to your self-love, and your expansion this month. Doing so will set a potent tone for the coming cycle.