Turning on Your Heart Light with Energy Muse

by | Dec 15, 2016

Rose quartz is your crystal ally for all matters of the heart. The uses for rose quartz cover everything from self-love to romantic love, to healing to forgiving yourself and others. It is the ideal stone for promoting overall softness and gentleness in one’s life.

What you’ll need:
8 pieces of rose quartz. You can use rose quartz slices, rose quartz stones or a combination of any rose quartz you have!

Crystal Ritual:
– Sit in a cross-legged position on the floor.
– Place 6 pieces of Rose Quartz in a circle around you and hold the remaining pieces in each of your hands.
– Visualize a wheel of pink and green light swirling in a clockwise direction over your heart in the center of your chest. In the middle of the swirling pink and green light, visualize a light switch. Flip the switch on!
– Next, with the light in your heart turned on, ask yourself the following questions:
– What is it that I’m holding against myself that isn’t allowing me to move forward? Is it judgment? Shame?
– Who do I need to forgive in my life?
– How can I be more gentle and loving with myself and others?
– Which three people in my life need to know that I love them with all my heart?
– Listen to what your heart says. Take action once you hear the names and tell those people that you love them.

Take the extra time this month to focus on the energy of love, the most powerful healing vibration on Earth.