Rockin’ Out | January is for Selenite Wands

by | Jan 3, 2017

When the records of our human experiences have made themselves at home in our energetic hologram, we have the choice to clear away the memories, energies, and emotions that no longer serve or simply do not uplift us so that we can create the space for higher frequencies of being. Selenite wands will gently clear away the debris of past visions, traumas or limitations so that we can act as clear and pure channels of universal wisdom to transmit this message of peace into all that we are and all that we do.

Selenite wands are one of the most important crystals to keep in a collection of minerals. Just as they uplift ones energetic fields, Selenite can enfold living or work spaces in a cocoon of tranquil bliss. The delicate crystalline structure seals the atmosphere in a force field of protection, ensuring that divine love, light and truth is present and real, and anything less than this pure essence is simply illusion that just does not exist in the realms of its sweet frequency. The vibration is always sure to be high when Selenite makes itself at home in ones sacred space.

When feeling bombarded or overwhelmed by the chaos of this beautiful world one has come to heal, a Selenite wand can scan the energy fields, dissolving blockages and disharmony to transmute the effects into freely flowing love and peace. Selenite shields from outside interference and will restore the being back to a state of oneness so that this true expression of purity can permeate throughout one’s stream of consciousness, providing the mindset to be of service to this world, humanity, and one’s self, in the most extraordinary of ways.

Selenite wands open the higher chakras up to divine guidance so that complete clarity is restored, expanding the consciousness to welcome in highly evolved perceptions of reality, also to filter away lower thought forms, activating the Soul Star chakra and raising one’s vibration to the highest frequencies required to thrive and assist the evolution of all that is without burning out or breaking down. As one anchors the perfection of their innate spiritual presence to resume their role of loving service, Selenite will continue to assist in strengthening the alignment with the Higher Self, receiving the wisdom of Universal Guides, enhancing one’s visions and deepening spiritual understanding.

This alignment is not only spiritual in nature but can assist the physical alignment of the spinal column, furthering the dissolving of blockages and awakening one’s inner column of light, allowing all energy to be distributed in divine symmetry throughout the entire body and energy fields. This prepares the way for the light body to gracefully align with the physical structure, so that divine encodings and blueprints can be ignited to strengthen vitality as one overflows with joy.

Another wonderful property of Selenite is that it never needs cleansing and has the ability to cleanse other stones, just as it does with our bodies and homes. It’s also one of the few stones that will break down and dissolve if submerged in water, so keep your Selenite friends dry! Its fragile yet powerful composition reveals to us that no matter how incredible the magic one holds, it must be handled with care and compassion – otherwise it will fall apart and its light will dim. After all, crystals, just like humans, are conscious beings and children of the universe, who desire the need to be treated with kindness and patience, as we contribute our gifts in the name of the light.


I am a pure expression of Divine Light

Sacred Ceremony:

After a long day of loving service to this beautiful world, call in your light guides, ascended masters and angels, grounding you in your self worth and empowerment and aligning you with your higher self.

As you hold your Selenite wand, ask that you become enfolded in a cocoon of golden light in all directions. Begin to scan your energy fields and clear away all that does not serve, so that you may activate the vibrations that are welcome to their highest frequencies and invite the love, peace and abundance that is your birthright to thrive.

 Once you feel clear and restored back to your true perfection, thank your higher self and guides and go forth in your beautiful radiance to spread your love, truth and wisdom to All That Is.

In the name of the Light. And So Be It. And So It Is.