Crystal Healing: Is There Scientific Proof? | A How-to Series

by | Dec 20, 2016

“Is there any scientific proof that crystals really work?”

It is an indisputable fact that quartz crystal has properties such as piezoelectricity, through which its six sides alternate a positive and negative charge under certain conditions. And we know that quartz can store huge amounts of data, and that crystals are used in everything from watches to computer chips to cars. Thanks to quantum physics, science now accepts what metaphysicians have been saying all along, which is that everything is energy, that energy can be transmuted and changed, and that everything vibrates. It is also understood that minerals do not need to be specifically ingested to be effective, and that healing is even possible across time and space.

Yet even beyond the science-y stuff, I believe there is a simpler answer to why crystals work. That is the fact that all human beings are empathic to a certain degree. That means we pick things up energetically: from other people, from our environment, from the situations and interactions we have every day. You know how it feels when you’re around someone negative, and they bring you down. Now, imagine the reverse. Imagine you’re around something positive, something light and beautiful, something non-judgmental, non-harmful. Doesn’t it make sense that it too would be able to “rub-off” on you and help you to feel better? We bond and acclimate with the energies around us, so if those energies are high, clear, beautiful and positive, we are naturally going to feel good.

Crystals serve as teachers, showing us an example or template to attune our own behavior to. Within their structure they carry the pattern of perfection, which represents the purest form of an idea or feeling. They are a wonder of nature, really. Just like the plant and animal kingdoms, the mineral kingdom exhibits energy. And just because we don’t completely consciously understand how it works, we know absolutely that our subconscious and our emotional and mental bodies are affected by energy.

“Ok I’m ready to try it. How do I start?”

As minerals combine they create every color you could imagine, and these colors activate things within us that we associate with that color – for instance pink with love, green with growth and violet with magic. Just as you might imagine, stones that fall in the warmer color palette (red, orange and yellow) are typically more energizing, and the cooler tones (blue, green and purple) are more calming. It’s simple color therapy. Therefore, you use them accordingly, for instance placing an energizing stone in the office, or a calming one in the bedroom. There are always exceptions, of course – if you want to spice up your love life you might want an energizing stone in the bedroom. Carnelian is a good stone for that.


Speaking of bedrooms, that’s a perfect place for crystals, because they can help us while we are sleeping. When we’re in a dream-state we can be more receptive to them because our logical mind is turned off.

If you have trouble sleeping or any sleep related issues, try placing a Selenite tower on your bedside table. Selenite is fiber-optic and it catches light and reflects it back into the room. It creates a tranquil space to help with good sleep.

If you’re interested in exploring your dreams, getting messages through dreams, or lucid dreaming, try placing a Labradorite stone underneath your pillow.

If you experience nightmares or fear during sleep, place a Chrysoprase under your pillow or by your bed.

You can also place four pieces of selenite, hematite, or quartz at the four corners of your bed, creating a protective grid.

If I’ve had an emotional week, I will sleep holding onto a rose quartz, and it’s not uncommon to find I am still holding it when I wake up. Agates are also good crystals to hold during sleep. Any stone which feels comforting to hold can help you to sleep better.

If you have trouble staying asleep, try placing a grounding stone at the base of your bed like a Garnet, a black tourmaline or a Jasper.

Finally, to assist with detox during your sleep, try a piece of ocean jasper under your pillow or under your bed. Make sure and rinse it off and recharge it with 20 minutes of sunlight every week or so.

All of these methods are cumulative. Fortunately, there is not much that you have to do, other than simply place the stones, be receptive to them, and let them get to work.

Remember that this is an energetic exchange, which means that you can care for your stones by keeping them clean, by charging them from time to time on your altar or by lighting a candle and placing them around it. The best results will come when you remember to make time for gratitude every day.

Next time: Crystal healing during the day: wearing and carrying.