Monthly Medicine | December is Keeping On

by | Dec 3, 2017


What we need to embrace: Page of Cups, Endurance, Fluorite

Decks: Aquarian Tarot, Vessel Oracle, Visions Crystal Oracle

Here we are, the last month of this mixed bag of a year. Because I really want you to get the absolute most out of this monthly medicine, I changed it up a bit. Instead of asking what’s lingering into this month, what we’re moving into as well as further advice, I asked the question: What do we, as a collective, need to know, do and open ourselves up to in order to get the most out of this final month of 2017?

Let’s start with Endurance to kick it off. Whether you started a project this year, began a personal journey that has been at the forefront of your mind, or been heavily involved in social and political activism that saw you seemingly fighting for a new cause every month (it doesn’t stop, does it?), this card here is indicating that in no way, shape, or form should you give up and throw in the towel. Hell, you shouldn’t even take a month pause and simply pick things up in the New Year. This momentum has to keep rolling along! See this card as the ultimate sign of encouragement, one where it’s standing on the sidelines and pumping its fists in the air while rooting you on. You may have heard this before, especially in regards to our current political climate, but what we’re being subjected to isn’t a little dandy sprint, it’s a fucking marathon. This same attitude can be applied to whatever it is you’ve been working towards this year. Pace yourself, run off to the checkpoint for a little water and rest if need be, and then get right back in it.

Once you’ve determined you’re a strong being who is capable and dedicated to the long and patience-required haul, it’s now time to rearrange and de-clutter all that is floating around in that head and life of yours. What better way to usher in 2018 than with a fresh and oh-so clean mental slate? In comes Fluorite, your crystal of the month, if you will. In describing its properties, author Robert Simmons of ‘The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach,’ used the phrase ‘psychic vacuum cleaner,’ which is absolutely fitting for this month. This stone is your little Dirt Devil whose desire is to suck up any and all confusion, roundabout thoughts, and scatterbrained moments. It wants you to figure some shit out and to make clear-channeled decisions and choices regarding impending matters in your life on the double! Feeling as though you’re indecisive? Want to say goodbye to mental fogginess? Need to zone in and focus like a beast so you can get your shit in order? Worried and anxiety ridden about the future? Grab some fluorite or take it upon yourself to embody some of its energy as your own if that’s not your thing.

And P.S I know Mercury Retrograde is popping up for us on the 3rd and sticking with us until the 22nd. While we generally want to slow it on down, make sure all communication is crystal clear, and avoid beginning any new endeavors, Endurance and Fluorite can still be of use to you. Because this is already a cause you’ve taken on weeks, months, or even at the beginning of 2017, Endurance might just have you slowing it down a bit, double checking before you engage in anything new, and making sure you’re fully aware of when you need to take a breather. As for Fluorite, see it as your aid during this time period, one that will assist you in gathering your thoughts and being as tactful as humanly possible.

If the above seems and reads like a real bore to you, this last bit should do the trick. Daydreaming. Being emotionally experimental. Curious. Young at heart. Playfully vulnerable. Intuitively turned on. Magic. This is how you should be filling in all of those blank spaces and moments in your planner and actual days. In comes the Page of Cups to lighten things up a touch! While this last month might have you doing a blood relative round-robin where you’re anticipating and countering racist, sexist, you-name-it remarks, as well as dodging the sometimes depression-inducing spirit of the holidays, this card is suggesting living out the remainder of the month from a place that’s the exact opposite. Here you’re being called to be on the lookout for signs, gut feelings, and hunches (and to respond!). Here your cure for stress is to engage in something that makes you feel childlike and as though you’ve never been shat on by life before. Here you’re being urged to take part in whimsy and fun. Don’t commit to something when you don’t have to. Fly by the seat of your pants. Make that damn vision board and dream big.

Going off of the suggestion to create a vision board, now’s the time to create and set some damn intentions for 2018. While you should certainly aim and shoot high, also consider smaller acts that will possibly lead up to something larger. Maybe instead of simply donating $10 a month to one of your favorite organizations start volunteering your time. If you’re like me, you set the goal to run one mile a month ago and now find yourself doing three (with hopes to get to five by the New Year). Want to really make your side hustle your career? Make it the year you get your branding locked down, network like a boss, and obtain that business license. Whatever the case might be, don’t skimp out on this yearly tradition. Part of the whole intention and manifestation process is to clearly outline what it is we want so we can actually make strides in that direction. Now go get ‘em!