Crystal Clearing | Chrysocolla

by | Dec 5, 2017

The full power of the divine feminine has been ignited within the crystalline structure of Chrysocolla, delivering the message of the goddess to awaken the force of love within the hearts of all who contact this gem. Acting as a potent auric cleanser, Chrysocolla will consume the energies that do not honor the path of the goddess, the path of equality, compassion, patience and personal power. In this realm of oneness, the invitation to go inward is presented. Take the key to the doorway through the heart, become silent and listen to the wisdom that wishes to speak with this sacred space and express its guidance into creation.

Chrysocolla is a beautiful vision of green and blue rays of light that resembles the landscape of the ocean floor. It welcomes one to dive into the depths of its frequency and discover the emotions and patterns out of alignment with one’s inherent truth in order to purify and surrender these energies into the embrace of Mother Earth. In this time of reflection, electromagnetic frequencies work to attune the energy fields with the rhythm of Mother Earth’s heartbeat. Nature nurtures the body back to vitality as toxic patterns and programming are cleared from the cellular memory and the blueprints of renewal fill the void.

With life-force stimulated by the energies of the earth, the inspired soul finds way to be of service for planetary healing with the intention of this upgrade to benefit all earthlings. As this crystalline intelligence pours through one’s stream of consciousness, the messages received reveal the importance of creating peaceful space within to shine this essence into one’s outer experience. The inward journey delivers the knowing that it is safe to ground in feminine power. This network of support provides the foundation to deepen the connection to one’s self and the earth through meditation and communication with the natural elements.

The throat chakra greatly benefits from the essence of Chrysocolla with its ability to harmonize this vortex with the heart space. As the individual opens his or her channel to the wisdom of their heart and the earth, they transmit this language of light to awaken the consciousness of all that surrounds them. One of Chrysocolla’s most important messages is recognizing when to speak up or to simply observe silently with acceptance. As a stone of empowerment, perceptions can be received just as clearly without voicing one’s inner truth into creation. By awakening the understanding within, this loving message is broadcast via the heart space for any one open and willing to receive its blessings.


I AM the silent expression of the peaceful Goddess

Sacred Ceremony

Invoke the full power of the divine goddess within you as you deepen your connection to the Crystalline Heart of Mother Earth in your favorite nature setting. Hold a vision of the planet restored back to harmony and balance. Send healing love to the earth and all earthlings open to receive this blessing.


And So Be It. And So It Is.