Black Magic | Activated Charcoal Mask

by | Aug 23, 2016

Charcoal, it’s not just for backyard BBQs anymore. Well, ok, Activated Charcoal is slightly different than the ashy remains from your weekend fire pit. The carbon is infused with oxygen, making it more porous and more adsorbent than regular old charcoal, which means it is safe for skin and for human consumption. This natural supplement has been heralded for its superhero-like powers since as early as 3750 BC in ancient Egypt. The list of benefits go on and on, but initially it was most celebrated for its air + water purifying qualities and as an antidote for acute poisoning.

Today, Activated Charcoal is still used for many things. In drug and alcohol related over-doses, it acts like a magnet for toxins in the bloodstream. It has been used to help relieve gas, bloating, and indigestion by binding itself to digestion by-products that may cause pain and removing them from the blood stream. Since it is virtually odor-less and taste-less, Activated Charcoal makes a fantastic DIY natural toothpaste with its whitening + brightening super powers!

Activated Charcoal is also fantastic for your skin! It has incredible anti-inflammatory properties that pull dirt and toxins out of your pores while reducing redness and blemishes. There are many different ways to create a DIY Activated Charcoal Mask, but this is the one that I painted on my face (and my very patient husband’s) recently!


Makes 2 masks, so you can share with your friends!

6 capsules of Activated Charcoal, opened and poured into a small mixing bowl

2-3 tsp of Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera (like this one)

6 drops of Bergamot Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together until they form a paste, reducing or increasing the liquid as necessary. Using a clean, old makeup brush to paint the black paste onto your face. **Because it is charcoal, it can get messy! Make sure to put a towel down where you’re sitting, to prevent black charcoal flakes from ruining your furniture.** Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

ROSE PETAL WITCH HAZEL WITH ALOE VERA (alcohol free): anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, fights acne, natural astringent, fights aging, tones the skin

BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL: acts as a natural skin disinfectant, removes scars and blemishes, smoothes skin tone (can also use eucalyptus, tea tree or lavender essential oils)


When you are ready to remove it, take a deep breath and don’t panic. IT DOES COME OFF! I removed mine with gentle circular motions, hot water, and a little coconut oil – just like I do with my makeup every night. Once the mask was mostly removed, I called on the help of my favorite coffee scrub by Poppy & Pout to hydrate and remove the remaining bits of charcoal. I sealed in the benefits of this mask by gently massaging coconut oil into my skin. It has been two days, and my face is still feeling all of the effects of this mask! It’s tight, bright, clear and hydrated!

While we generally stick to lighter magic at Of the Wolves, this Activated Charcoal mask is a safe and fun way to dip your toes (well, face) into a little Black Magic.