Monthly Channeled Forecast | October is Liberation

by | Oct 5, 2018

Significator: The Wheel of Fortune, Freedom
Walking away from: The Star, 9 of Pentacles
Walking into: The Moon, 3 of Swords

Channeled from my Spirit Guide, Ruth, using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck and Vessel Oracle deck by Spirit Speak.

As I sat in meditation, a collective spirit group ushered in and whispered in my ear, “release.” Now, I wanted to name this Monthly Medicine, “Release,” but it didn’t quite sit right. October is all about what we are releasing, but specifically I want to address the beautiful liberation that occurs when we are able to release the things that aren’t working for us anymore. When Venus (the planet of love) went retrograde October 5, there significant karmic shifts began for ourselves and our relationships. These are the kind of shifts we try to avoid and gloss over because they are uncomfortable and gritty. Not this time, folks. The shifts are coming, and we must confront the subject matter they bring up.

The Wheel of Fortune is October’s significator. What a beautiful energy to receive this month if we can tune in to the vibration of our soul’s liberation. What does that mean exactly? If we truly released into our true power and let go of our distractions of how we think our life should be lived, we would reach the manifestation of our truest desires. The time to manifest the life you wholeheartedly yearn for is right now. The Wheel of Fortune is in alignment with our deepest dreams this month, and the hands of fate are reaching at a high point. We have to remember what comes up must come down. So, if something isn’t working for us, whether it be a shitty job or toxic relationship, we must release it to make room for the better situation to enter. You’ll thank yourselves later.

Last month we were in reconstruction mode, swimming in the Star’s healing energy; a restorative vibe that most of us arrived at out of necessity from last summer’s intense shifts. The Star offered us a moment of reprieve to stop and catch our breath. We trusted that the worst was over, and that all we could really do was pick up the pieces and trust that positive transformation was underway. Entering the month of September was like crossing a bridge into a training ground of how to be ok with the present moment. We learned that we no longer had to grasp at the big picture, and just by putting our pants on in the morning meant we were okay. By the end of the month, we reached the height of 9 of Pentacles, where we developed the strength and courage to heal ourselves, like some ancient wisdom we knew all along. This was the type of energy we had to work our asses off for after we confronted what needed to be healed.

October is liberation. It is looking into the depths of our souls, the depths of our void. There in our void, may we be free by letting go and yielding to our vast emotions. The Moon is not trying to determine what the future holds, it is about trusting our intuition through the journey into the unknown. This is the unshakable trust that the universe will help guide us when we navigate through our intuitive center rather than the intellectual. The Moon can be a highly uncomfortable energy to exist in if you tend to control. The more we sit with the feelings that frighten us, the better we can learn how to transmute darkness into light. If we can hone in this skill of being ok during the ebbs and flows of the every-changing rhythm of ours lives, we can evolve into our highest selves.

Unfortunately, the 3 of Swords brings up deep wounds from our history this month (ex., ancestral traumas, sexual traumas, childhood traumas). These wounds seep up to remind us what we will and will not stand for anymore. In most cases, our relationships can mirror these wounds and bring out what has not yet been healed. You might feel extremely triggered during this time through another’s words or actions, so it is important to feel into your body’s truth and what is not true. Old, karmic relationships from the past might re-surface and you could be given the opportunity to heal or confront something that is unfinished. Or perhaps you will relive a toxic relationship over and over again. It could be a different person, but the same old patterns we are addicted to. The 3 of Swords is the tape of misery we love to play over and over again as if we enjoy reliving our pain. It is the blind pain getting in the way of our truth and piercing our hearts. It is the inevitable ending of a relationship that should have ended months, if not years, ago. This month, it is suggested to cut the energetic cords of relationships that are no longer healthy for us. And if that is too difficult for you to accomplish at this time, set a goal for yourself so that one day, your soul will be ready to leave. Please be gentle with yourselves.

We are the only ones who can decide what our heart truly desires and how to proceed forward. No one can tell us or show us which way to go. When we can tap into our intuition, we can truly attain freedom in our life and this is when the most beautiful, abundant shifts take place. I would recommend lighting a magical candle this month. Whether it is a subtle or completely transformational manifestation, let the light spark your truth. Pay attention to where the signs lead you, and be careful for what you wish.