Crystal Clearing | Danburite

by | Feb 1, 2017

Since the dawn of time, the mineral kingdom has generously gifted humanity with tools to illuminate graceful pathways of navigating through the chaos of the world and to serve as reminders of harmonic order and sacred divinity. Although there exists the illusion of discord, there is always the presence of love, the most powerful force there is. This knowing is manifest in tangible form through the crystalline structure of Danburite, whose frequency creates a perspective free from fear, comforting the entire being into a state of peace and balance. As the energy fields unite with the pure spiritual vibrations of Danburite, old emotional patterns and traumas are healed, replacing the void with self-love and awareness.

Danburite assists physical beings’ alignment with the higher realms and self as it works to clear and open the crown chakra so that one may act as a perfect expression of divine love. Danburite’s link to the celestial realms of existence provides the atmosphere for one to bask in the radiance of eternal peace so that this experience may be assimilated throughout the physical, mental and emotional structures to further anchor the true presence of one’s spiritual self into action. Danburite’s clearing effect dissolves illusionary worries or concerns into the light, restoring peace throughout the mental and intuitive channels as visions of love and harmony are manifest into creation.

Danburite has a special mission with the heart space to deliver the message that all is well and in divine order and guidance, relaxing the emotional body into a state of receptivity as one overflows with pure love. As Danburite works to heal the heart space, the wisdom it stimulates throughout the crown transmits the knowledge into the heart’s inner sanctums, awakening the blueprints and igniting divine encodings of renewal and perfection. It also allows for highly evolved universal awareness to open the pathway of activation and transformation into a higher frequency of being. This powerful healing effect replaces old emotional patterns with self-love and forgiveness so one can easily transform disharmony in their relationships with energies and individuals, truly healing and uplifting connections to a higher spiritual dimension of love and compassion.

Danburite’s pure vibration reminds one to live in their highest potential and to allow their true self to make its presence known in the world in the most loving of ways, by serving the Mother Earth and fellow earthlings. It creates the space to be powerfully authentic within the individual presence while remaining respectfully mindful with those one has come to participate and expand with during these most extraordinary of times.  This act of love sets the tone of harmony to reflect in all actions and sensations, inspiring others who one comes into contact with along the collective evolutionary journey to do the same.


I AM an expression of pure love

Sacred Ceremony

If available, place Danburite at your crown and heart chakras. Visualize a pink ray of light in your heart space and allow this love to flow in every direction at once. As you overflow with pure love, become aware of the sacred space where the mental and intuitive channels reside and visualize a white light filtering away anything less than divine. Harmonize and unite the crown and heart chakras together as one, welcoming the white light of purification to clear away all that no longer serves your highest and greatest good . Send this white light from the crown chakra into your heart space and allow the white and pink rays of light to combine their radiance, uplifting your entire being to a state of pure love. In the name of the Light.

And So Be It. And So It Is.