Monthly Channeled Forecast | December is for Integration

by | Nov 25, 2018

“This month’s energy is a reflection and culmination of what we have experienced since last winter of early 2018. We are ready to shed our skin and step into our true power.”

Significator: 6 of Swords, Movement
Walking away from: 2 of Swords
Walking into: Queen of Swords
Channeled from Spirit using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck and Vessel Oracle deck by Spirit Speak.

Wow, what a transformative year 2018 was. This year embodied the intense energy of the High Priestess, giving us a deeper look into our shadow realm. As December approaches, we are knee-deep in holiday madness and enveloped in the darkest time of the year. This month’s energy is a reflection and culmination of what we have experienced since last winter of early 2018. We are ready to shed our skin and step into our true power. December is the integration of light and dark, of shrinking and expanding, and of truth and illusion. We are now ready to step into our true power and clear what does not belong in our lives.

The 6 of Swords indicates we are ready to leave the liminal space that we have been stewing in for quite some time. December looks like a big neon sign pointing to clarity – that our situations will gain resolution and we will now know how to proceed. Please note that this energy is subtle one. The clarity that will be received this month may not be a radical, “AHA!” moment, but rather a subtle shift or sensation inside your body you must attune yourself with. Remember that any clarity you receive this month will occur only within yourself – no one can give you your answer.

This month we are walking away from the energy of the 2 of Swords. What type of emotional clearing occurred during the month of November for you? Last month was a deep, heart-centered clearing where we were able to look deeply into the truth of our soul’s journey and ask ourselves what needed to be released in order to expand. This involved utilizing some serious energetic protection, alone time, ritual work and putting a “pause” on anything that wasn’t serving our higher purpose. The 2 of Swords granted us some emotional buffer time to take care of our hearts and held us in the space of un-knowing. This could have been quite uncomfortable for most of us to trust in the dark waters of Scorpio season, but we sure came out stronger for it.

The Queen of Swords offers us clarity, answers, and direct truth this month. She will cut through any bullshit that has been holding us back from receiving what we need to hear. She is the “Queen of truth”, inviting us into a space where we can reclaim what was actually ours all along, lending us true agency on our soul paths as we move into 2019. Be ready for some serious throat chakra clearing near the end of this month as Movement will occur in all areas of what needs to be said. Whether this be relationships or heart-centered work, our eyes are now wide open as we draw open the curtains of illusion, revealing all that we need to see and feel. The truths that we receive this month will be the bread and butter to the action you will need to take and the seeds you will want to plant in 2019.

Listen to your heart this month, dear ones. Feel into the language of your body. You will receive your answer.