Crystal Clearing | Golden Apatite

by | Jul 5, 2018

Crystalline confidence makes the world a more illuminated place as the earth and humanity continue to evolve and expand on so many levels. During these times of transformation and initiation, great courage and insight is required in order to surrender fully to the divine plan for all that is. As this understanding of the bigger picture presents itself in ways that resonate and serve our own individual and collective purposes, Golden Apatite can ignite our solar plexus chakra with its pure yellow rays to awaken the will power and perspective to navigate unknown and exciting territory, with clarity and great optimism for the new world.

As this solar stone restores harmony back to the feminine and masculine aspects of one’s being, it bestows the individual with great passion and certainty to align with a crystal clear vision of one’s true desires and the strength and wisdom to manifest these dreams into creation. Golden Apatite serves as an incredible tool for manifestation due to its great resonance with the solar plexus – a sacred space of great potential and personal power. Working with its pure yellow frequency can help stimulate creativity and self-confidence in one’s purpose and what has yet to be discovered.

With its ability to expand personal magnetism, Golden Apatite transmits a frequency to enliven social situations and enhance relationships. As one welcomes an upgrade of collective activity and connection into their lives, a sense of fulfillment and wholeness helps to fill any voids where lack and limitation once resided. A perception of conscious self-esteem illuminates the entire being, expanding the vibratory field to create the energetic space to attract great prosperity and success in all endeavors from this realm of pure joy and freedom.

Golden Apatite helps to assert heart-centered truth in a loving, yet powerful way. With this declaration of one’s true value, worth and potential becomes the inner drive and outer support to align with a supply of limitless abundance and infinite opportunity. To sustain and maintain this course, the yellow ray will help to cleanse the mind so that thoughts remain clear and focused, awakening the awareness to take the leaps of faith that free oneself from the confines of comfort zones or operating from a place of fear.


I AM an illuminated spark of potential.

Sacred Ceremony

In great trust and confidence, meditate with Golden Apatite and the pure yellow frequency to clear, harmonize and activate your Solar Plexus Chakra to its most healthy, vibrant and illuminated state.

Allow this inner radiance to dissolve all that blocks you from your true dreams, visions and desires.

Radiate the light of your personal power and potential and awaken the passion to align with your purpose.

Trust that all is well is divine order and guidance as you manifest your purpose, power and potential into creation, following your illuminated path, with love as your guide.

And So Be It. And So It Is.