Monthly Medicine | November is Liberation through Sacred Death

by | Nov 3, 2016

Deck: The Smith Rider Centennial

November is a very powerful month. A very quiet, thoughtful, internally centered energy will be flowing through the collective. We will be invited to release the energy of The Devil — distractions, old stories and addictive patterns that have been keeping us small and locked in old patterning. Anything or any place that the ego or brain has been running the show will come up this month — we are ready to take inquiry to it. I will speak a little more about how we can work with this release proactively, letting go of fear and showing up with an empowered, willing spirit through the process.

We will be moving into the pulse of The Tower this month, which comes directly after The Devil in the Major Arcana. We are cycling through in a kind of sacred order here, something that feels very special and momentous to me. The Tower is going to take us through some HUGE shedding; expect a profound liberation of the spirit to rise out of the ashes of what we let go of in The Devil. The liberation of the true soul path from the death of our old and outdated stuff is what this cycle is all about. Despite the relative intensity of these cards, none of this is going to feel scary. Not even a little bit. We will have very clear heads this month — different from other times when we might be invited through something similar while in total darkness, void, etc. In November, the lights are on. We need only to walk forward, trusting and understanding the value of our evolution in this way. We will get very clear evidence, proof, answers as we release. If we choose to show up as an empowered co-creator in our next steps, this month will be deeply transformative.

We entered this month on the rushing waves of Samhain and the watery New Moon in Scorpio, heralding a kind of depth to the month. This New Moon was a shadow moon, one that kicked off the journey we will be on this November. Our old shadows, fears and egoic patterning had to come out into the light. This is the only way releasing The Devil would be possible. This card’s energy asks us to look at the stuff — THE stuff — that keeps us locked in cycles of fear, grief, addiction, you name it. November will be about choosing to surrender to our shadow, thereby transforming our relationship with it. We must release shame, guilt and story about the shadow in order to do this, which is arguably the most important aspect of the work we will do this month. We must bring a kindness and a curiosity to our shadow. We must listen, converse, hear, then release. Choose differently. This is how we can transform and be liberated: by understanding there is nothing wrong with our fears, nothing bad about our addictive tendencies. The question is: how do we respond to it then? With the release of The Devil and the month ruled by The Tower, we have the chance to rewrite our story.

The Tower is the card and the energy that’s bringing the liberation this month. The Tower destroys all structures and false egoic ideas, freeing us into truth. It takes the medicine of The Devil and brings action and transformation to it. We will be moving through these energies, and the potential from it will be so powerful. Our job is to dive deeply, letting this card move through us, sweeping away everything that no longer serves, building newer structures in its place. The liberation occurred when we chose a sacred death, letting go of all that desires to be rebirthed. Say yes to the flow within; it is bringing nothing but goodness.