Monthly Medicine | In August We Free the Wild Heart

by | Aug 1, 2016


Six of Cups – Smith-Rider Tarot
Wolf – Medicine Cards

Open the heart and let the true self pour out – light-filled, joyful, vulnerable, perfect. This is the medicine of the month. This idea seems challenging and scary, perhaps even invaluable to the parts of the psyche in us that are scared and dedicated to keeping us safe and out of emotional danger; too much vulnerability can be intense. But to the child within us, the life force we once were, it is like slipping our feet into a comfy pair of slippers. We know what to do and how to do it. Open-heartedness in a wild lens is to express ourselves without fear, from the root of the soul, not giving a shit if people think we are foolish or silly. Let them think what they want – we will be over here, free as birds. That is the highest invitation to us all this month: to know that we are pure love, to know our wildness, and to know how immensely valuable of a teaching it is to bring that frequency into the world. It is the opposite of basic and weak; it’s the bravest thing we could ever do.

Six of Cups is certainly one of the purest of the cups cards, in my opinion. It is so sweet, visually – the image of one child offering a cup of flowers to another is lovely. There has been a rebirth within us. There is an opening, a flowering of the heart; life-changing emotional expression is possible and transformational this month. We can offer the purity of the flower to anyone, anything, any place, but first we must start with ourselves. To offer this first to ourselves, to spread this light through the landscape of our lives, is deeply healing. It purifies the heart, makes us children again. Our inner children have never lost these pure hearts.  Six of Cups is here, like a gentle ocean wave, to bring us back into the pure expression of the heart’s truth. To let it flow from us, touching everyone in our lives, and healing our old wounds. It is very powerful; deep heart medicine. To do this is to be inherently wild, which is always the true frequency of the soul.

Wolf is showing us that this kind of pure expression isn’t just sweet and fluffy; it’s showing us that this kind of behavior is true leadership. Wolves are the sacred teachers of the Medicine Cards. Their howl is the call to the great spirit, it connects us with earth and sky. Wolves live in packs, but follow the leader. Wolf medicine is very special, and really shows us how the very  thing we discount is the most important aspect of what we are offering. Pay attention to how you can be a leader for love in your family, your town, your community, your relationship.

Both Wolf and Six of Cups are vocally related, married through expression. They both have to do with an offering of some kind, both from wildness, both from the heart, both for the external as well as the internal. This is important, and bears a hardy examination. We can think all we want, intend all we want — this month is telling us to DO.  To say, to share, to invite in.  To be bold, brave, whispered, intimate, and feral. The medicine of these cards might be encouraging you to do everything from letting yourself moan without inhibitions during sex to telling yourself you are beautiful in the reflection of a mirror. Maybe you tell your estranged family member that you truly hope they are well. Maybe you share with someone that you would like to collaborate with them. Maybe you start sharing your heart’s truth with your community. Whatever it might be, just let yourself be in your wildness. Let it flow from the core of you. Doing so, as my friend Diva says, is like weaving a spell with our words. We call in everything around us based on the openness of our hearts. Cast a spell this month with your truth, howl it, whisper it, cherish it — whatever you do, just share it.