Crystal Healing: Is It For Me? | A How-to Series

by | Dec 6, 2016


Like a lot of people, I had a rock collection as a kid, but I never had crystals…or so I thought. Usually we think of crystals as having a natural point and flat facets, but even a stone that is cryptocrystalline (like rose quartz for instance) is still considered a crystal. As it turns out, a lot of “stones” are cryptocrystalline, meaning that they have a microscopic crystal structure, it’s just not seen with the naked eye. This means that rocks like jasper, tigers eye and agate aren’t just rocks, they are crystals.

I had admired crystals for their beauty for years but had not really seen the power that they possess until I started working with crystal healers at my place of business. Finding myself surrounded with hundreds of different types of crystals and stones, and with the shelves glittering with minerals from around the world, it started to become evident that the crystals did have an effect. I’ll admit that at first I was skeptical, and unsure if I could feel any energy coming from them, but in time I did start to become aware that crystals gave off different energetic vibrations. I think it’s like any new experience: it takes time to get to know and understand it, and in time you’re able to pick up subtler differences. Think of human relationships – the more we bond with someone the more we can “pick up” on their energy. This is what it means to become “attuned”.

One of my first experiences feeling the physical healing properties of crystals came after a long day doing readings. I had basically been talking for hours. My throat was sore, and my voice was giving out. One of the crystal healers I worked with sat me down and grabbed a big piece of blue calcite from a shelf. She handed it to me and said, ‘here, hold this against your throat and just relax and breathe’. After about five minutes, the pain was completely gone. My throat and my mind felt soothed, and my voice sounded normal. It was pretty astonishing.

I began to collect different stones and found they were helpful during my meditations, giving me something to focus on so that I could tune out the noise and stress of my day. I spent hours and months studying, reading, and researching the properties of the different stones, and listening to the stories of people who experienced beneficial results. I decided to try a crystal healing and take some classes, and one thing led to another, which was to follow my own path as a Crystal Healer.

In a recent class, one of my students shared she had a child who was acting gloomy, depressed and detached. She asked him to hold onto a stone for her, it was a smoky quartz. Within about 15 minutes, the child was engaging and interacting, even affectionate. She watched his entire demeanor do a 180.

Just like when I put the stone to my throat years before, this child had no expectations when he held this crystal. Yet the results were easily witnessed. Crystals really are here to help us! You do not need to be a crystal healer to use crystals in a healing way on yourself. Stones can help you to release physical pain, stress, anxiety, and all sorts of mental and emotional complaints.

The two stones I mentioned – calcite and smoky quartz – are both fantastic for releasing negative energy. Here is how to do it:

Sit in a chair with your legs uncrossed and your feet flat on the ground.
Check your posture and make sure you are not hunching over.
Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths.
Hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand with your palm up on your lap.
Allow yourself a few minutes to acclimate to the crystal, see if you notice any sensations in your hand or moving up your arm.
Locate the area of discomfort in your body. It might be an area of physical pain, or stress in your mind, or heaviness in your heart.
Switch the stone to your dominant hand, and place the stone on the location you identified.
Hold the stone there as you continue to take long, slow breaths.
After five minutes, remove the crystal, set it down and re-center yourself with both hands facing down on your lap.
You should be feeling better!
Get up slowly and gently stretch.
Take your crystal to a sink and give it a rinse in cool water, making sure that you remove any oils it may have picked up from your skin.
Dry it with a soft towel.
You can place the crystal on your altar or special place in your home to recharge it. This creates an energetic exchange and helps to cultivate gratitude.

Remember the more that you work with stones, the more that they will work for you. Naha does crystal healings and readings and teaches courses and workshops on crystals at the House of Intuition in Los Angeles. Find her on Instagram @naha99 or