Reiki for Fertility Readiness and Reproductive System Healing      

by | Oct 10, 2018

“Through Reiki, women can be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically to welcome a being into their womb, or experience reproductive system healing.”

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It may be what feels like eons before Reiki is widely championed as the helpful and healing tool it can be to mind/body health, or this acceptance might be lurking around the corner, a welcome and necessary Western societal shift. One of the luminaries, so to speak, of modern-day Reiki, Raven Keyes, discusses Reiki in many contexts generally reserved for Western medicine in her book “The Healing Power of Reiki” (sports injuries, breast cancer surgeries, quantitate studies). A crucial application of Reiki that has personally beckoned me is that of the intricate female womb. Through Reiki, women can be prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically to welcome a being into their womb, or experience reproductive system healing.

Back up, you say? Already there – of course, what is Reiki? Reiki is a long-standing healing modality where “Universal Life Force Energy” is shared through hands-on or hovering hands treatment. Further, it is a channeling of energy. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words: Rei, which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power”, and Ki, which means Life Force Energy”. This follows the concept that unseen “life force energy” flows through us, animals, plants, and matter. With practice and concentration, we can harness this energy and channel it for healing and illuminating purposes.

I began having an uncanny pull this past year towards initiating into the tradition as a Reiki practitioner after years of blissfully overlooking this practice. Reiki’s praises were sung around me for years. I, however, remained blissfully unmoved by these songs of adulation. Reiki sounded lovely, certainly relaxing, but compelled me little. Over the years, I had moved from a successful career in marketing and creative development to life coaching, entered graduate school for Counseling Psychology and began co-running a mission-based international organization by the time I felt the call. It struck me one day how much of my work is creative but intellectual, in the realm of the eyes, ears and mind. I thought what of my entire body and energy field? As a trained dancer and active human, I know of the somatic and wordless catharsis our bodies and minds can experience. Perhaps Reiki was the answer to avoiding a top heavy, head-based topple over. It was. My intuition led me to the ideal teacher for me, and within less than a year, I had sailed through all four levels and become a Master Teacher.

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I “hear” my clients, groups I lead and my community, and friends and family multi-dimensionally now, and I can sense how to parse out energy to them for areas of lack or need. This is something available to all of us but like almost everything in life it takes “muscle development” – attention, and practice. Coming back to Raven Keyes’ mixing of Reiki in traditional and non-traditional settings, the application for women facing fertility obstacles or experiencing reproductive challenges has extended a commanding invitation to me. Pregnancy has encircled my community this past year. Yet, this joy has not been without many challenges for several of them – loss and life-threatening complications.

I, too, have been embroiled in a complicated and acrimonious dance with my body as Endometriosis, hormonal imbalances, and intense inflammation have ravaged it and many parts of my life. I am no stranger to holistic health approaches, Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Transcendental Meditation, and much more. I’ve used them for over half of my life. And yet, it is a blend of natural health, energy healing, and now some Westernized approaches that are ultimately infusing hope and relief into my life. Our wombs are complex and tender. It is here I think Reiki is underutilized, but perhaps not for long.

Further, I have been tracking and studying what I think are increasing adrenal and hormonal imbalances in women, particularly those in fast-paced careers and located in polluted urban centers. I feel as though I have taken a pick axe to a ridge of glaciers regarding the unheard, unseen, and unacknowledged reproductive system complications facing millions of women. Only recently have prognoses such as Endemetriosis, Adenomyosis or PCOS been treated more seriously. I can only imagine how far back into history intense hormonal imbalances causing symptoms like severe pain, inflammation, loss of intellect, lack of sleep, excessive bleeding and emotional distress have been shunned or side swept. I actually shudder to think.

If you are in the midst of family planning or suffering from hormonal and reproductive issues, please consider Reiki and the following concepts for support in your journey before you lackadaisically dismiss it as I did for so long!

Photo courtesy of Flower Fields, Carlsbad

The Potency of the Dance Between Reiki and Western Medicine:
Mainstream medical chatter is beginning to bear out what we innately encounter daily – the power of energy fields and resonance. Almost all of us accept Westernized Medicine into our lives, primarily because we are born into it as the predominant practice. Most of us are woefully undereducated about ancient healing practices. Eastern Medicine and holistic health are best utilized as preventative measures, and many of us are not great at prevention. We react once symptoms have presented themselves or disease has taken hold. More and more reputable institutions, such as New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center Campus and Children’s Hospital Boston, have initiated studies and partnered with Reiki practitioners. These studies are producing peer-reviewed outcomes, and many of these show a marked difference in depression, stress, hopelessness and anxiety in those treated with Reiki consistently.

What this is beginning to tell us is how powerful Reiki is in conjunction with traditional Western medicine. As I mentioned above, Reiki practitioners are now receiving invitations to join surgeons in operating rooms, and they are also invited to aid women in addressing fertility challenges and reproductive disorders as they also undergo fertility treatments and surgical procedures such as Laparoscopy and D&C.

The Mind/Body Connection and Its Impact on Fertility:
This is another area that has perhaps been subject to the “that’s hogwash” treatment for ages, but when we truly examine it don’t we see that our thoughts, if persistent and powerful enough, often become things? This is an important part of Reiki, channeling and championing the fact that our thoughts, feelings and beliefs impact our overall health and outcomes in life. I mean, mindfulness is one of the most used terms when it comes to mental and physical health these days, no? With the application of Reiki, this manifests in several ways, but a few I like to always be aware of:

  • Intention and attention to certain areas of the body and mind causes immense shifts
  • The power of relaxation and meditation on the body and mind causes immense shifts

A strong belief in the unseen and the power of positive thinking can be a superpower.

The Actual Science of Energy:
The physics definition of energy is “the capacity to do work”. Physics also explains there is no physical “essence” of energy, and “pure energy” doesn’t really exist. Energy is always carried by something – in the case of Reiki, it’s a practitioner channeling it. What we also know is all beings have certain vibrations.

Reiki brings feelings of calmness and wellbeing to the patient while it floods the body with the energy for change and healing. It’s an important tool for maintaining or restoring health. When used during surgery, it has been found that benefits include: blood pressure remains steady, there is less bleeding, and less pain medications are necessary following surgery.

Chakra Can: The 7 Major Energy Centers in the Body:
Chinese healing, in its myriad forms of acupuncture, herbalism, and even cupping, is increasingly embraced in our insurance model of get ‘em in and out health. So, something is shifting, as more and more carriers accept practitioners as specialty visits.

Chinese Medicine, thousands of years old, boasts extensive tenets, including: the existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world, known as an aura, which is also referred to as “Chi”, the vital life force energy of the Universe; present within every living thing.

Reiki and Chinese Medicine attend to the chakra system, also called meridians. The Chakras are the main energy centers of the physical body, of which there are seven: the root, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown of the head. These primary Chakras are like a vortex of energy that lesser channels feed into and act as a conduit to the many connecting pathways of energy within the physical body. Ensuring Chi is moving smoothly through the chakras is key to Reiki and CM. The chakras are responsible for bringing energy into the body to fuel the organs and systems that are associated with each chakra. When there are energy blockages in the chakras, the organs and systems struggle to operate and dysfunction or disease may appear. The sacral charka encompasses the female reproductive system.

Blown away? Bored?! If you have any questions at all, are looking for a practitioner or referral, or need healing support in your female journey, please reach out to us.

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