Crystal Clearing | Aragonite

by | Feb 14, 2018

Discovering balance and transforming emotional discomfort in a reality that challenges to reflect this harmony is made simple with the assistance of a crystalline star cluster known as Aragonite. In the presence of Aragonite, the physical body forms a connection with the earth and secures this alignment through a grounding effect that centers the entire being and energy fields back to a state of equilibrium. Nurturing earth medicine transmits its light as emotional healing, and revelation is achieved with compassion in a realm of unconditional love.

With the help of Aragonite, the physical being and energy fields connect with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth’s vibrations, sustaining a sensation of balance and strength to process old wounds and transform the effects. The crystalline frequencies establish a dialogue of solidarity and create a network of support for the individual to explore and neutrally analyze what remains out of alignment to create the space for more love. The patterns and programs are acknowledged and dissolved into the light of earth’s embrace, recycling the qualities into vibrations of pure love. With great awareness of what no longer serves the mind, body and soul, Aragonite provides a gateway to develop and strengthen emotional vitality and personal power.

When one’s personal peace becomes overwhelmed by the collective consciousness of anxiety and fear, the world reflected back to the individual can appear energetically chaotic. In these moments of frustration, connecting with Aragonite will stabilize and restore the inner temple to reflect and radiate this essence of freedom. Over-sensitivity and emotional traumas no longer cloud the stream of conscious nor dull the inner spark of physical radiance. When stress, anger and confusion take over and cloud judgment, Aragonite lovingly guides the conscious mind to a dimension of clarity that facilitates the spiritual being’s advancement in a more graceful and gentle way. Initiations into higher realms of being are now made with ease.

As the emotional body works to heal and discover divine symmetry, any energetic blockages or disturbances in the aura and energy fields are cleared, illuminating the stream of consciousness for the inspired mind to focus on spiritual development through the art of meditation with clear vision and emotional stability. The desire and discipline to explore the vast universe within and around is met with responsibility to the personal practice of transformation. In this world of virtue, loving observations and transmutations of one’s own disharmony into triumph prepare the individual to be of service for healing of Mother Earth and all of her divine inhabitants. When one feels safe and at ease in their own body, that essence is carried and broadcast throughout this beautiful world, allowing flowers to bloom and hearts to emanate love wherever their light shines.


I AM an Earth Healer

Sacred Ceremony

With your Aragonite, take a moment to align with your higher self and ground your entire being into the crystalline heart of Mother Earth. And in this moment, deepen the love that you have yourself, the love that you have for the world, and your love for all of humanity and all earthlings. Now, send this healing love and light to all that is.

And So Be It. And So It Is.