Monthly Channeled Forecast: June is the Passageway

by | Jun 5, 2019

Significator: King of Cups
Walking away from: 2 of Swords
Walking into: 6 of Cups
Channeled from Spirit using the Spirit Speak tarot deck by Spirit Speak

First, I was shown a massive boat. This boat was en route to its destination through rough and tumbling waters. Up ahead in the not-so-far distance were blue skies and the sun shining through the storm clouds. Spirit tells me we are swimming through the passageway to something bigger, grander and full of light. We must not worry how we will get to the calmer waters – it is the process to get there that is our deepest medicine.

My Guides tell me there will be a lot of shifting and reintegration this month. In this process, the energy of the King of Cups ushers us through what might be an uncomfortable period of soul growth. I am shown this might be in the form of physical pain and/or emotional pain. What we can do during this time is create the best possible soil for our garden to grow. We must till the soil, water it, and nourish it with love.

We are about to enter a new cycle within the bigger picture of our soul growth. We must travel through with the strength it takes to trust that our Higher Selves are navigating forward no matter how slow it might seem. Sometimes the slower path is the path to our greatest awe. The King of Cups will help us cultivate the mastery of our “knowing” that we are navigating from a place of heart-centeredness. The best advice I am hearing is to follow your bliss – as cliché`as that might sound. Because following your heart is the real compass for your soul path.

We are walking away from stagnation. The start of the new year gave us “waiting room” vibes, which was all part of getting ready for the real good stuff in the latter part of 2019. The 2 of Swords is deep internal growth that we knew all too well during Winter and early Spring, and we can thank our lucky stars we are headed toward the manifestation of what we were calling in. We are surely not the same soul as we were five months ago. We have grown so much in preparation for the truths we wants to speak. So let’s cut through the bullshit—you are EXACTLY where you should be in this moment, here and now.

We are headed toward massive abundance, my friends. I am not saying this will happen overnight, as everything takes time to “cook”. The flavors we want to taste seem to be integrating this month with the whole meal of our life. We are more clear because we have been doing the work to make space for this abundance to enter our life. The 6 of Cups reminds us of our soul’s joy that has existed in us ever since we were birthed into this life. It is the soul remembering that we are tapping into and finally creating the magic we need to manifest our gifts into the world. We are co-creating our legacies so that the vibration of the world’s frequency can upgrade into a higher octave. This is not easy stuff, my friends. However, if we can tap into our soul frequency and not get wrapped up in the games our nervous system plays, we will receive massive abundance that we realized has existed in us always and will exist beyond bodily death.

Magical advice: Keep a bowl of water by your bed this month with the intention that your soul will flow through whatever you are experiencing in your life right now. I send you love, light, and strength on your journey.

Until next month…xoxo