Crystal Clearing | Green Moonstone

by | Jun 9, 2018

Living in unknown territory can cause worries and anxieties to surface, distracting the stream of consciousness from residing in the present moment and flowing in alignment with the Universe. Green Moonstone’s lunar essence and earthly presence can open the doorway to witness the perfection of present moment awareness in harmony with the cyclic rhythms of life and in tune with the natural cycles of breath. As a calming stone of feminine reflection and emotional balance, Green Moonstone elicits a vision of the bigger picture, awakening trust in the divine plan as one surrenders to the unfolding of all that is.

The goddess energy Green Moonstone transmits helps return one to their compassionate nature. This union with one’s true identity restores a healthy image of self-worth and overall wellbeing while acts and devotions of self-care create the space to be of greater service to one’s individual and planetary needs. As one recognizes their value and expansion of self-love, energetic leakages and entanglements are sealed and dissolved into the light of one’s stabilized frequency. This energetic protection creates a forcefield to heal and transform in a realm of truth.

With its lunar wisdom and influence, intuition is elevated to states of cosmic oneness and personal contemplation. As this present moment awareness meets the vastness of the universal mind, inner vision and sense of direction is met with great trust and understanding in one’s illuminated path of loving service. This higher perspective manifests dreams and desires into creation with ease. The inherent knowing of one’s true power assists the process of transformation and victory, opening one up to more prosperity and abundance, in divine order and guidance.

If the individual wishes to sustain navigating their journey in accordance with the flow of life, Green Moonstone can support one’s connection with the intelligence of the cosmos and the nurturing energies of Mother Earth. The merging of lifeforce creates a conscious collaboration for a safe space to heal trauma and discover comfort within the evolution of personal growth. This heart centered healing and emotional stability keeps one from reacting to life so that they can gracefully travel with the instruction from a higher command.


“Love is my Guide”

Sacred Ceremony

Allow any parts of you existing in the past or the future to harmonize and unite with your physical body and the nurturing energies of the Mother Earth in this present time and space.

Allow this sacred union to awaken and activate the perfection of present-moment awareness within you now.

And in this moment, deepen the love that you have for yourself, the love you hold for the world, your love for humanity and all earthlings.

Know that this love is infinite and unconditional.

Its limitless nature flows in all directions at once.

Love is here now.

And So Be It. And So It Is.