Crystal Clearing | Moss Agate

by | Nov 4, 2017

The crystal kingdom opens the doorway to connect with our true divine nature. In this sacred realm, we recognize how safe and supported we truly are in this wild planet and vast universe. The magical mineral known as Moss Agate radiates vibrations that deeply resonate with this general crystalline message. In the natural world that forms Moss Agate, one finds the stability to move forward along their journey with renewed vitality and peace of mind.

In times of transformation and healing, Moss Agate comes to uplift those who are depressed or recovering from an illness so they may align to the source of eternal peace. It works to balance the spirit of the individual for the opportunity to heal from emotional disharmony and ground in self-confidence. Moss Agate helps dissolve blocks and barriers that keep one from seeing reality with a vision of love. By restoring the stream of consciousness to perceptions of beauty, one awakens the innate ability to recognize the divine in all that is.

Moss Agate cleanses the soul of any distractions, creating a focused mind determined to pursue goals and manifest dreams into creation in ways that truly honor one’s integrity. The stability it provides for the entire being strengthens the mental channels to attend to the work required to thrive and evolve as the start of a beautiful new chapter in life begins. A real sense of peace harmonizes with a mentally alert and radiant mind to actualize wishes and desires in order to truly open up to receive the limitless flow of abundance.

In observing the crystalline structure of Moss Agate, the invitation to connect with the plant and mineral kingdom presents itself to access wisdom for the benefit of self-healing and the healing of our beloved Mother Earth. By tuning in and integrating the knowledge that is received from the transmissions, one can truly assist their inner and outer world in ways that will help to restore their own physical structure and the world they came to heal. With this wisdom, one develops more trust in their intuitive self, opening up to an expansion of channeled guidance to awaken and elevate the magic within and around.


I AM supported by the loving embrace of Mother Earth.

Sacred Ceremony

Adventure to one of your favorite nature spots with Moss Agate and align with your higher self. Place the Moss Agate on your third eye or heart and visualize anything you wish to manifest into creation. Hold the vision and feel the love within and around you. Watch your dreams come true as you surrender attachment to how it will transpire; knowing and trusting that only what serves you will come to be.

End the ceremony by taking a moment to place Moss Agate on the earth. Put one hand on your heart and one hand over the crystal and send healing to the beloved Mother Earth and all her divine inhabitants.

And So Be It. And So It Is.