Crystal Clearing | Carnelian

by | Oct 17, 2018

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Every being on planet Earth has a purpose for being here. This mission can be met with self-doubt, boredom, or confusion when the path seems to become infiltrated with the chaos of the world. Carnelian is here to activate the lower chakras to their fullest expression in order to motivate positive action, anchored in truth and aligned with the heart’s true desires. Carnelian’s clarity reminds one of the inherent knowledge of who they are and why they are here; it’s simply love.

Carnelian acts as a guide for one to discover their true purpose and personal power while restoring the emotional being back to balance. With vitality stimulated, the will to achieve one’s highest potential ignites the inner drive to actualize victorious manifestations, while sustaining the energy required to follow through with meaningful endeavors. This empowered sense of one’s true self-illuminates the path, transcending old patterns and programs into productive modes of thinking and action while motivating one to take the leaps of faith that will harvest rewards, with the courage to continue taking fearless action in pursuit of one’s true destiny.

The energetic vibratory rate of Carnelian restores life force, stabilizing the being back to wholeness as a limitless flow of energy that directs the consciousness to revolutionary modes of creative inspiration. This visionary experience clears the mind of any illusionary worries or concerns, so that one may focus their perspective on the mission in sight to its complete expression. This generous energetic supply inspires the individual to dream big and create freely, with trust in one’s innovative and productive capacity.

Living in a constant state of attunement, this highly energetic stone of creativity has the ability to clear other stones and lower old energies from the energy fields and cellular memory. The clearing Carnelian provides can help calm the mind and overall being to protect from outside distractions or interference, relaxing one into a state of complete surrender to naturally flow with universal guidance and align to conditions that truly serve and upgrade existence. A renewed sense of enthusiasm encourages basking in the perfection of the present moment while holding a clear vision of what one truly wishes to call into existence.

I confidently create the world of my true heart’s desires.

Sacred Ceremony

Work with Carnelian to clear the mind of any mental chatter, negative thought forms or old programs, aligning the perspective to positive and inspiring modes of thinking.

As the stream of consciousness attunes to visions of harmony and love, activate the solar plexus, sacral and root chakras by inviting the presence of the orange red ray into these energetic vortexes, clearing any blockages or stuck energies, and transmuting denser vibrations into high frequencies to ignite lifeforce and inspire creative and sensual expression.

As the lower chakras activate and unite their powers, create your reality from a space of clarity, confidence and artistic freedom.

In the name of the light.

And So Be It. And So It Is