Monthly Medicine | The Webs We Weave

by | Mar 3, 2018

Using the Rider Waite Smith Deck and Vessel Oracle Deck by Spirit Speak

Significator: It Gets Better

Letting go of: Queen of Pentacles, The World rx (reversed)

Surrendering into: Queen of Wands rx, 4 of Swords

Walking into: The Emperor, 2 of Pentacles.

What is significant this month: It Gets Better is bringing us back to the heart center and taking the time to mend last month’s hardships so that we may move forward.

This Monthly Medicine was clairvoyantly channeled from my spirit guide Ruth.

In my channeled visions, I was shown what we need to let go of for the month of March. First I saw a spider, clutching onto a shiny jewel, beginning to weave its web tightly around it. Spider medicine is an incredible symbol of creativity, power, growth and choice with the ability to cross the veil of the physical and spiritual realm. If you come across a spider weaving its web, this can symbolize that you are weaving your own destiny and integrating yourself within the infinite spiral of universal energy where the universe has made a space for you. When the spider shows up, we are called to look deeply within the web that we are weaving in our life. Is the web bringing you happiness and abundance? If it is, then keep weaving! If the web you are weaving is full of doubt, sadness and uncertainty, maybe reconsider a new direction of the way you are building that structure.

The power of choice is helping us let go of old patterns, old relationships and old jobs that are no longer working for us. Within this choice, the spider unlocks deep intuition that resides within you to make the best informed decision from your heart center. The spider clutching onto the jewel symbolizes a realization of our gifts – to cultivate and protect them. Similar to the spider holding onto the jewel, the Queen of Pentacles is shown clutching onto her coin. She is finding balance and attunement through having direct contact with what she feels is right for her in that moment. Rather than moving forward too quickly with these gifts, take the time to nurture your process. The World is showing us that we are on the right path but we need to find stillness first before we reach the finish line. Right now is a time to fine-tune our gifts and to figure out how to articulate this deep wisdom by releasing whatever is not needed anymore, and to make space for the good stuff. This is a quiet space where we are dealing with some residual shadow energy from last month that encapsulated a sort of “waiting room” feeling. The World wants us to release the frantic emotions that resonate in loneliness, struggle or victimhood, and step into a more focused realm and our dharmic path.

As I looked deeper into my visions, I was shown what we need to surrender into this month. I saw a series of sound waves and a crowd of people lying together, benefitting from the healing that sound medicine can offer us. If you are someone who loves music, use this time to let the vibrations from sound enter your body and clean out the frantic residue. It is said that music can activate the body, realign the nervous system and help heal people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

I was also shown a mermaid. In mythology, the mermaid symbolizes the Goddess of the Sea, which is basically Aphrodite in the ocean realm. This divine feminine energy is calling in our intuitive abilities which are innately connected to the element of water. This magic reminds us to trust in Universal timing – that our decisions will arrive in divine time. If you are in a relationship or a job that is no longer serving you, sit in a quiet space of meditation and soon answers will be revealed to you. Take baths, go to the ocean and let yourself cry. Surrender into these emotions that arise, and then let them go. These are all ways to connect to mermaid energy and our higher consciousness to make informed decisions that come from a sacred space. In this watery realm, we can sit with the energy of The Queen of Wands. This is a highly creative card that is bringing up a lot of creative juices to the surface, but since this card is in reversal, we do not quite know what to do with them yet. The Queen of Wands is getting us ready to use our creative gifts later this month, but we still need a little more preparation. Perhaps you need to tie off loose ends on a current project to start the next one, or maybe you need to carve out a space to make creative work. Or maybe you just simply need the motivation and courage to initiate something. This card holds powerful energy that will be the inertia you will use to channel whatever gift you need to bring forth into our world. Use this time to journal, to daydream and devise your plan of attack.

The 4 of Swords is a perfect example of two things we need to work on this month: energetic protection and patience. Please understand that in this watery, Pisces season, a lot of mutable (changeable) emotions are bubbling up to the surface. When you find yourself in public or group spaces, we tend to soak up others’ energies like a sponge without even knowing it. Use this time to create an energetic force-field around yourself so you don’t have to take on other people’s emotional junk. The 4 of Swords also needs us to be patient with ourselves this month. To not have too high of expectations of our process and to understand that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Like The World, we are asked to sit in the waiting room for a hot minute, and to use that time to heal from previous wounds.

In my final vision of what we need to walk toward this month, I was shown a shape-shifter: a bat that morphed itself into a dragon. Bat medicine brings us into death, rebirth, transformation, the unseen and psychic energies. This animal medicine is a powerful shift from our ego-self to our higher self. We are moving into an expansion that operates mainly on our intuitive properties, rather than fear and comfort. The bat is blind, so it must navigate through its surroundings based on the other senses. We must learn to do the same this month.

As the bat shape-shifted into a dragon, I saw the dragon move forward in the sky with great purpose, spitting out fire. In astrology, the “North Node” is considered as the head of the dragon, which is our dharma or soul purpose. What we are walking into this later this month is fire. Our goals become actions, our soul’s purpose becomes ignited and the waiting room period becomes movement. We move from water to fire, and begin to turn our dreams into realities.

The Emperor is bringing structure and form to this forward movement. The Emperor will challenge you to step up to the plate and ask you to hold responsibility over what you are giving birth to in the world. This card is definitely not a timid one, which means you must find equilibrium in a time of change and transition. Be sure to check in with your emotional needs and to not be so rigid and hard on yourself. Self-care is still needed during this time!

The 2 of Pentacles ends the month of March in a balancing act. You must remember to take one day at a time and to stabilize how swiftly your inner self is growing in tandem your outer self. Don’t be afraid to fail or to be shaky during this process of personal growth – you will be much stronger when you learn to tune into that balance.