Monthly Channeled Forecast | August is for Showing Up

by | Aug 14, 2018

Significator: 9 of Pentacles rx

Walking away from: Knight of Pentacles, King of Wands

Walking into: Queen of Swords, 7 of Swords

Channeled from my Spirit Guide, Ruth, using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck.
This month is a big one. We started off with a lunar eclipse full moon in Aquarius; Mercury went retrograde on July 26th; and on August 11, there was a solar eclipse new moon in Leo. August is not for the faint of heart, to say the least. We are being asked to show up in so many ways that we might reach a mental breaking point. Tensions are high; our minds and bodies are at capacity; and everything in general just might seem extremely uncomfortable. We might believe that Leo season is all fun and games, but what the Lion really wants us to do this month is learn how to be brave. Learn to make difficult choices, choose to observe rather than react from fear, and feel into the tension of our bodies and realize that our pain doesn’t define us.

The 9 of Pentacles shows us that our belief in what was once stable and nurturing is no longer the case. Some of you may be struggling with domestic issues or possibly the stability of what was seemingly comfortable for quite some time. Let’s say you live in a beautiful home in the country and cherished your land along with all the things that came with that. Then, one day, a fire comes and destroys everything. You are left with the clothes on your back and nothing else. You must realize that once you reach a point of comfort and complete satisfaction, nothing is permanent. Everything has the potential to change and the world we live in is in constant flux. The 9 of Pentacles rx is asking us to show up to our internal truth and create stability from within, not from external sources. If we can’t learn to be ok with ourselves on a soul level, then there is a lot of misery we have to contend with. Remember friends – this is all a process, so be gentle with yourselves.

Last month, the Knight of Pentacles brought us rewards from our hard work and efforts. This card signifies a finishing point or accomplishment we have so rightly earned. We must release the desire, craving or addiction that wants to clutch onto the happy sensation we know too well. Like I mentioned earlier, nothing is permanent, and our lives are changing like the tides of the ocean, so we must learn to adapt to whatever our current reality is. When we can learn to adapt, we can climb out of our need to hold onto the past. Our need to go, go, go must be released as well. Sometimes we have to say to ourselves, “fuck it, I need a break”. Do not fear stepping away from your constant need to be doing. The pearl will not be found in the same oyster shell you’ve been digging up. Step back, observe your actions, and show up to your new reality with a fresh perspective.

Last month also nurtured us with the King of Wand’s fiery energy to catapult us towards our long-awaited gifts and abilities. There was movement and deep purpose. Not to say there is no movement or purpose this month, but that we are moving in a much softer and intentional way. We had to move forward to arrive at a place where we are now called to examine and observe our newfound surroundings – whether literal or emotional.

The way in which we are showing up this month is to confront and observe the mental anguish that is swimming in our minds. Last month the King of Wands helped us arrive at a new space within our lives. Now, the 7 of Swords is asking you to slow down in this new space and take note of the things you need to say or do instead of reacting rashly out of fear. The image of this card (in the Rider Waite Smith deck), is literally racing toward dishonesty. You’ve got one foot in the direction of your life path, and one foot in the past. You are essentially holding onto the grip of the past and allowing it to inform the present. When we do that, it can feel like we are racing towards death. If we cannot choose to live in the present moment (aka, our authentic truth), we are not living a life. For example, a lot of us may experience old traumas resurfacing in our bodies this month, and it is up to us to learn to be absolutely soft with ourselves at this time. Even if you cannot identify or pinpoint what the feeling in your body is (it just feels bad), take a step back and observe it. Nourish yourself so deeply right now with non-judgment.

By harnessing the subtle energies of the Queen of Swords, we can regain our power. What I mean by subtle energies is that we have to be smart with how we are reacting to things being said to us, feelings in our bodies, and life situations with absolute grace and softness. The Queen of Swords wields her gigantic sword in the direction of any bullshit that is not authentic to her soul’s truth, and she does it in a way that comes from a place of divine wisdom. We can no longer live in a reality where we succumb to bad energy inflicted upon us or within us. It is time to throw out the destructive internal dialogue that constantly blocks us from our truth. We can choose to stop rewinding the tape of misery and step out into our power. This might mean that you retreat into the simple breath of your body or the constant thump of your heartbeat. There, you will find your authentic voice.

Be extra, extra gentle with yourselves this month. xoxo