Monthly Medicine | April is Taking Stock

by | Apr 1, 2017

What’s still lingering: The Chariot
What we’re moving into: The World Reversed Further Advice: Boundaries
Decks used: Small Spells, Vessel OracleMagic.

Pizzazz. Charm. Razzle dazzle. To be honest, the first thing that flashed to mind upon seeing The Chariot was Catherine Zeta-Jones singing “All that Jazz” from 2002’s “Chicago”. Maybe it’s the top hat featured on the card. Maybe it’s the cane. Maybe it’s the stars that brought to mind flashing bulbs and stardom. Whatever the case might be, energy surrounding one’s rise to the top of whatever you’ve been craving or simply any sort of forward motion is still streaming into the month of April.Before I impart the medicine of this month, think of action you may have taken in the months preceding. Did you hypothetically break ground on a goal of yours around the New Moon in Aries? Possibly feel a rush of momentum that got you off the couch and into a classroom, workshop, or studio space? Felt compelled to get out that planner and make short and long-term goals for the months ahead? Did you feel as though you created a name for yourself? Remember to consider all tasks, especially those that might seem small or pointless.

Now, back to “Chicago” and especially the characters of Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart. I’m bringing them up because this forward motion of yours was restricted, confined, and forced to grow and flourish in tight perimeters. Think having only so much money with which to work. Think trying to pursue passion projects with an already packed schedule. Think depleted energy that allowed only so much additional action to occur without complete burnout. With the case of these two main characters, they’re in jail still trying to achieve whatever fame they can, wearing fine lingerie with their uniforms, and living the highest life that’s allowed by their jailhouse matron. Where in your life have you achieved or made baby-steps forward with less than ideal circumstances? Where did your beauty, power, and sass persist instead of shrouding away in a corner? Where have you taken what’s been dished out to you and made it shine? You deserve extra kudos and praise for these efforts!

So much focus has been placed on the actions of months prior because this month’s medicine (see, I finally got to it!) asks you to stop and rest wherever you may be. The World reversed is calling for you to come to a halt and examine everything you’ve done and to study it. Instead of seeing this pause in your track forward as a hindrance, see it as a performance review of sorts. Are you happy with the course of action you’ve taken? Do you feel you whizzed through a particular patch and wished you could have taken things a bit slower? Are you impressed with your efforts and encouraged to continue onward? Maybe realizing your heart isn’t in it? The World reversed wants you to take a breather before you’ve put the finishing touches on whatever you’ve been striving for and if needed, to set up boundaries to protect you and your trajectory.

As little and precarious as the actions you’ve taken may seem, this is all forward motion. Toss aside notions of what our society deems to be successful leaps and strides forward and take stock of all the decisions and actions you’ve made, those itty bitty as well as those along the larger side of things, that ultimately moved you forward. Remember to pause from time to time to not only catch your breath but to make adjustments and tweak where needed and to never compare your trajectory to that of anyone else. Want to celebrate with a glass of wine? Now’s the time to do it!