Crystal Clearing | Pyrite

by | Apr 3, 2017

There comes a divine time to get your beautiful head out of the ethereal clouds of bliss to focus with great inner strength and confidence on your deepest desires and creative abilities to manifest. The crystalline spark of beloved Pyrite reignites the soul’s desire to commit to one’s true path by awakening personal power to its highest potential. Pyrite will offer its protection from anything less than divine, anything that might otherwise act as a distraction from pursuing this sacred assignment.

Pyrite resonates greatly with the solar plexus chakra to heal feelings of anxiety and depression, which are simply symptoms of human nature in a world of polarity. When the weight of life dissolves the enthusiasm that once illuminated one’s path, Pyrite can stimulate life force and provide a force field of protection around the energy fields, as illusions fade into the light of pure personal power. The inspired mind remembers old ambitions now ready to be brought into creation with full dedication to the mission the individual soul came here to experience – in service to personal and collective transformation.

In dissolving old energies that block the conscious mind from holding its vision with clarity, the vibration of Pyrite clears the mental and intuitive channels of limiting thought forms and replaces them with modes of positive thinking and loving visions. In this realm of mental and spiritual perfection, “the master of geometric form” leads the individual to realize the areas in life that remain out of balance, and, in doing so, the opportunity to transmute old patterns or programs. With a brilliant and illuminated mind, one affirms their true purpose to fulfill with assertive leadership and self-sustained devotion.

Pyrite also activates the soul star chakra, the sacred place to connect and communicate with the higher self and increase channeling abilities of creative expression and divine wisdom. Pyrite opens the doorway for one to enter the intimate territory of divine manifestation and become the master of their universe. In this sacred dimension, sensations of happiness and wonder serve as the inspiration to discover ones greatest gifts to the world as creativity is stimulated and fully empowered. The direct and consistent awakening of physical vitality maintains the ability to channel this radiance into the world as the true being shines with joy like the rays of the great sun.


I AM Confident in my Creative Power.

Sacred Ceremony

What have you been procrastinating on? Take a moment to align with your Higher Self, ground in your self- worth and empowerment, and go shine your beautiful light for the world, baby! The divine time to make your magic happen is NOW. And So Be It. And So It Is.