Monthly Medicine | In June We Embrace the Mystery

by | Jun 7, 2016

Six of Pentacles — The Motherpeace Tarot
Lynx — Medicine Cards
Great Mystery — Sacred Path Cards

June is quietly mysterious, yet outrageously intense. Finding and embracing the mystically mundane while surfing some huge energies is the medicine of the month.

June doesn’t bring massive burnout or anxiety. It doesn’t bring anything that feels crushing. The way the energy of this month feels is a bit like a wild drum circle: whirling, twirling, getting more and more frenzied and intense, asking us to dance with the music. It’s not a time that will cause any deep suffering, just good internal pressure. This is an intelligent and exciting time creatively, but we can only harness it if we move with the collective drumbeat, instead of trying to create our own.

June is also here for resting and reconnecting, refilling our energetic well and seeing what it is to move through the world nourished and full. We cannot do anything for anyone if we are tapped out. Almost everyone will be coming back to wholeness in some way. If you have been longing for this, make it your intention and mantra for your month.

Let’s get real for a moment: this wild energy isn’t changing. It’s going to be really powerful and intense from here on out. We are waking up. There is a new paradigm taking shape, being birthed within the collective. We are all learning, baby step by baby step, to use the energy and flow with it, rather than moaning and groaning about it. This is the new normal. What we can expect is that someday it actually will feel that way: normal. We are going from crawling to walking. It IS normal if you’ve been freaked out, exhausted, or attempting to clutch at control and normalcy wherever you can. Our nervous systems are adjusting in a profound way. Bless that sweet, scared one within you and take her hand. Show her the way. Our inner little ones look to us to show them the way, that it’s ok and safe. Once we can relax into that even a tiny bit, a total shift can occur. We become available to both surf the wild waves and feel our innate connection to the divine web. There will be many moments this month where we may feel this profound connection to the collective, truly trusting that we are all rising up together. Eventually this intense time will not feel as intense. Be soothed by that.

Feeling the deep mystery of the Universe is a powerful part of this month, too. When we flow with the rhythm of Divine, we tap into that mystical place organically. The heartbeat of life, the waters flowing, the potent healing of nature; the stars, the dewdrops, the animal and plant life, the way the world turns in this Void. We are all irreplaceable aspects of this Divine web, serving a deep purpose. We have the potential to actually touch the center of that purpose this month, but we must use the wildness as our guide and map. This sacred place might not be accessible from the cushions in our meditation spaces. It might be in our hustle, in our healing, in the sacred pause before we snap at our parent, child or partner. Be willing to receive the mystically mundane. The road home to that is all around us.

Six of Pentacles — so good! The card is a giveaway dance; we have so much energy and overflow from our personal wells that we can give it away. We are able to listen, serve and heal without becoming drained. We are feeding ourselves from this well, too, no longer identified with feelings of lack, not enough or burnout. This card is moving in two really lovely directions in June. The first is toward a kind of filling of the well for our own wellbeing, the second toward a kind of renewed service. Everyone in our lives will benefit this overflow.

Lynx and Great Mystery are woven together, energetically. This month will yield some deep questions, and even deeper answers. Lynx medicine is quite rare, and rules secrets. Lynx hangs out in solitary places and asks that people come to him. It’s said that Lynx isn’t the keeper of secrets — he is the knower of them. Lost magical systems, occult knowledge, akashic information, truths as yet unrevealed. This medicine will allow us to see and know our own secrets, ones full of mystery, magic and excitement. We must tune in intentionally to hear Lynx.

Great Mystery is original source. There will be many moments to reflect on your growth, how far you’ve come, how proud of yourself you can be. There is so much wonder and stardust about you. It’s high time you saw it in yourself, my love. When we can access this place, we become one with Divine Source.

Regenerate and reverberate in this time of powerful movement. Dance to the drumbeat of the Goddess; there will be no place to look but into the face of the Great Web. Connecting us all, weaving us all together in this waking up. May you be in a state of ecstatic overflow this month and always. Embrace the mystery, and it will be a journey that flows smoothly and deeply.