Monthly Medicine | April is for The Phoenix

by | Apr 2, 2018

What is significant this month: Structure and Boundaries

What you are releasing: 4 of Swords, 6 of Cups

What you are walking into: Queen of Pentacles, 5 of Swords

Channeled from my Spirit Guide, Ruth, using the Vessel oracle deck by Spirit Speak and the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

The month of April is going to be incredibly dualistic. The first half of April we are sitting in Mercury Retrograde, which is asking us to draw our focus inward and prepare for launch when it goes direct on April 15. What we are called to do this month is listen. Try not to make any drastic decisions on an impulsive whim in hopes that it will fix a problem. Chances are, this problem is bigger than a quick slap of a Band-aid. Part of this month’s medicine is understanding how to be still in the storm of our minds and walk out with clarity. We need to understand that we cannot know everything all at once. The later part of April propels us into more of an action-oriented state of being, showing us where we need to focus our energies and how we need to move forward.

Those of you who are reading this are being invited to expand in life. This expansion involves decisions that need to be made in order to upgrade whatever is currently not working in your life. The first vision my spirit guide showed me was the Phoenix. The Phoenix is a powerful, mythological bird that consumes itself in flames in order to be reborn from the ashes. This creature is flying in with great inertia to clean out any toxicity that is lingering in your life and presents you with choice. What areas of your life are in need of major transformation? Specifically, the Phoenix correlates with our creative expansion. Whatever your goals are, the Phoenix will burst forth into your life like an old friend that you forgot about, reminding us of our true path, eager with desire to create. There is no escaping the Phoenix. This month is ushering in the death of our ego that we must undergo to transform our soul to the next level of our development on this planet. Trust me, when this bird’s medicine is circling around in the collective unconscious, you better believe your cobwebs are going to get cleaned.

What we need to release this month are the 4 of Swords and the 6 of Cups. Like I mentioned last month, 4 of Swords represents a “waiting room” mentality, and when reversed, it shows our impatience in the waiting room. There is a reason why we are still in our current situations and unable to leave just yet – we are still needing to learn from what is being shown. That uncomfortable waiting period is actually where we need to be for the next few weeks until we feel absolutely sure how to proceed. Sink into moments where you don’t have to be anywhere or anyone. Be with yourself. Find happiness in your daily life. We need to release fear of the present moment and really sit with ourselves. This silence shows us how to love ourselves unconditionally. The Phoenix had to learn how to sit in the flames until it was able to be reborn. Remember, the frantic thoughts in our mind are only temporary.

The 6 of Cups is the true expression of pleasure, and when this card is in reverse it means that we are out of alignment with our self pleasure. We need to remember that in order to seek cosmic flow in our life, we must bring the flow to ourselves. Maybe this is through warm baths, masturbation, delicious food or solo hikes through the woods. The 6 of Cups is literal release. Release of an orgasm, a laugh, body toxins, etc.

What we are walking into this month are the Queen of Pentacles and the 5 of Swords. The Queen of Pentacles is basically the Queen of manifestation. This is an incredibly creative time where we are actively pursing our creative endeavors, whether it be creating a painting, gardening, cooking, weaving, writing or getting all the pieces together to launch a business. Our collective health seems to be back in working order (looking back on the horrible flu season we just had), and our focus is getting back to business. The Queen of Pentacles is active work we do using our bodies for the purpose of being in the present moment so we can cultivate our desired realities. We must release any anxiety we have regarding our creative endeavors failing or succeeding, or our creations won’t reflect the present moment when the real magic is conjured.

The 5 of Swords brings back old patterns in relationships, people from our past, and power struggles. This month we have the opportunity to become aware of destructive, karmic relationship patterns that that seem to creep up in our lives. These relationships can be romantic, platonic or work-related. The number five represents change, and the suit of swords represents how we communicate, so expect a shift in how we are transforming the way we negotiate through our relationships with others. Do you ever find yourself beginning a new relationship with someone and you are in complete bliss because it feels so “familiar” right off the bat? And then a few weeks or months go by and you are presented with who this person really is. This, my friends, is a clear example of a karmic relationship. You are basically being confronted with the choice of staying in the cycle with the same type of relationship that isn’t serving your soul’s evolution. Karmic relationships serve as a strong mirror to how we are growing as a soul, and it isn’t always pretty. Now, I’m not saying that all karmic relationships are bad. A karmic relationship is usually a bond that is formed with someone from your “soul group” which is basically designed to heal past life lessons. So with that being said, some of these relationships do work out if the two people involved in the relationship can grow together instead of apart. The 5 of Swords is your soul’s way of asking you to step out of the same vicious, painful cycle and move into something that feels like growth. This card is a powerful indication that something is not right within our mental experience, and we must cut the cord that binds us to unhealthy relationship patterns. The way in which we can move on from these cycles is to change our vibration to a higher frequency, which can be through intention-setting and deep soul work.

The oracle cards Structure and Boundaries are the energies we need to focus on this month. In order to embrace our own unique Phoenix energy, a transformation from our current situation must take place. That is how we find Structure. We must place Boundaries on relationship dynamics that don’t feel aligned with our soul. And most of all, we must listen to our own heartbeat and let that be the compass that guides us toward our highest truth.