Monthly Medicine | May is for Transmutation

by | May 1, 2018

What is Significant this month: The Moon

What you are releasing: Knight of Swords, The Star, The Lovers

What you are walking into: 10 of Swords, 10 of Pentacles

Channeled from my Spirit Guide, Ruth, using the Rider Waite-Smith tarot deck.

The month of May is an open door we are being invited to walk into. Through this door, we see wild flowers blooming and birds singing. We see the best possible version of ourselves. Behind us is the residue we leave behind. My guide showed me an image of gum on a shoe – Perhaps walking away from this residue will be a sticky, messy situation we would prefer to avoid altogether. But the open door beckons us, and wraps us in its warm light and song. So we must cut the gum from our shoes and walk forward into the light.

The card, the Moon, is significant this month. We begin May after a powerful full moon in Scorpio, which is asking us to examine the shadow within ourselves. This is where we enter the unknown, the space of darkness within ourselves that we must trust. When we can let go of the logic that our ego constantly grasps on to feel safe is when the true magic begins and our intuitive forces can be at work. The Moon pulls us into the depths of our shadow self, which is not a particularly comfortable space to swim in. The Star (what we have walked away from last month) is the crucial medicine that has given us the strength to trust that we are healed enough to exist in our shadowy realm. The shadow cast from last month’s Mercury retrograde is now gone, and the Star was there to usher in healing and balance during the emotional rollercoaster of last month. The magic from the Star is now in full effect as we will feel the nourishment and warmth we need to move forward with our gifts. For any of you who worked with abundance and manifestation spells last month, May will surely deliver magic in one way or another.

The Knight of Swords’ energy is exiting our energetic fields. Last month we were functioning from an over-analytical space, letting our not-so-positive narratives take over what our hearts craved and desired. This came from a tunnel-vision fear of “losing it all”. This is a catastrophe thought process we have been faced with and must realize that the real goodness has been sitting right beside us the whole time. But we have been too focused on what we think we need to see. So slow down and take inventory on what the mind is doing and ask yourself if that is really the space you desire to be in.

The last few weeks of April presented us with a choice. The Lovers was the choice to integrate ourselves with another in union, or to walk in solidarity with ourselves. Whether you are single or attached, this card is an unavoidable mirror that we must confront to deeply honor ourselves. We must learn to be vulnerable with ourselves before loving another can begin. This journey can feel very isolating and lonely, but it is the work that needs to be done in order to receive true abundance.

May is full of transmutation. A deep change to essentially end the frantic mind-state and surrender to joy. The Scorpion full moon harnessed death energy that presents us with an ending to a struggle that we have the opportunity to be reborn from. The 10 of Swords is a sacrifice we must make in order to move on from what is holding us back. This is most likely a mental state of being, as our emotions have been rather inconsistent. Perhaps you have been cycling through the same destructive thought patterns that have left you in a state of immobility. We know this cycle of anxiety must cease, so what do you need to change in order to move forward? This month we will start to see answers.

Stagnant structures in our lives we thought we once knew to be stable and steady must be broken down this month. In order for this transmutation to happen, we must not fear change. Maybe you fear financial risk of leaving a stagnant job or a relationship that no longer serves you. The 10 of Pentacles is an illusion of a community or structure that is now coming to an end. The false reality of structures we have been existing in are being revealed to us so we can change our habits and manifest what our soul truly craves. You may call this card a “truth bomb”. Whatever it may be, the Moon will always be hovering over us, guiding us, and letting us know that our truth will always exist within its brilliant, healing light.