The OTW Anger Series | Conscious Communication Ritual with Energy Muse

by | Sep 16, 2016

As a part of our on-going OTW Anger Series, Micha and I are out in the world, seeking understanding, therapy and burial grounds for our fits of rage as they occur – from rituals to movement and music. Sometimes the inability to find the “right” words to express the anger or hurt we feel over a situation keeps the emotions bottled up inside of us. This crystal communication ritual provided to Of the Wolves courtesy of our friends at Energy Muse uses cooling blue stones to help you center, ground, and find your words when facing a seemingly difficult conversation.

What You’ll Need
A blue crystal of your choice, we recommend the following:
Amazonite – a stone of truth, communication, integrity and trust. Amazonite helps you to communicate from a place of compassion and understanding, calming the heart to help you see different sides to the same issue.
Blue Apatite – an inspirational crystal that brings clarity of mind and clear communication. Apatite empowers self-expression to ensure you are communicating from a place of truth.
Blue Calcite – a calming crystal that soothes your nerves and relinquishes stress. Blue calcite reestablishes trust and faith in yourself so that you feel confident when you are speaking and expressing yourself.
A journal & pen

Conscious Communication Ritual Steps:

  The night before you plan to talk through a tumultuous issue, sage your surroundings, gather your journal and your crystal.  Sit in a quiet space where you can ground and center yourself.  Once you feel at ease and in a neutral space, write a letter in your journal to the person you are having trouble with or to yourself if you are angry with yourself.


When you are finished, read your letter out loud. Are you taking responsibility for your feelings? Are you expressing your thoughts rather than attacking and blaming? Have you identified the moment, whether it be words or actions, that triggered the friction or emotional upset?
 Have you identified what you are not receiving and what is lacking in the situation?
 Are you clear with your thoughts and did you ask for what you wanted? After you’ve listened to yourself read your letter aloud, connect with the energy of your crystal. Hold it in your hands and close your eyes. Breathe slow, deep, breathes.

Visualize the moment you meet eyes with the person – as the final words leave your mouth at the end of your letter. What does it look like? What kind of emotion is the person showing? How are you feeling? Can you be more clear and direct with your words?

Envision both parties reconciling differences, moving past the rough patch and strengthening your relationship. When you are ready, gently open your eyes and ease yourself back into your space.

Rewrite what you are going to say, if you feel called to do so, being conscious of how you are expressing yourself. Listen to your new approach and see how your words have evolved and changed. Repeat this process until you are able to consciously speak your truth from your heart.

 Connecting with the crystal energy and going through this process will help you to work through your emotions. Many times, you will find that you’ve overcome the issue, and that it isn’t even worth addressing. Other times, you will find that the issue still resides. If this is the case, remember to use the letter you have written and connect and hold your crystal while you make your peace.