Monthly Channeled Forecast | November is Unearthing

by | Nov 2, 2018

Significator: 2 of Cups, Light
Walking away from: The Star, 4 of Swords
Walking into: Judgement, King of Swords

Channeled from Spirit using the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck and Vessel Oracle deck by Spirit Speak.

Samhain just passed, and the veil between this world and the spirit world is at its thinnest at this time, allowing seeeepirit, discarnate loved ones and ancestors the ability to pass through. This time of year marks the division between the lighter half (summer) and the darker half (winter). November is unearthing what we have buried this past year. We have buried our emotions that were too heavy to contend with at the time (think, January-September), and now we are ready and able to feel them. This month is all about transmuting our shadow into light, and lifting ourselves up from the emotional residue that we have been stuck in through this past year. My guides show us working in tandem with the spirit world this month, and integrating the polarities of dark and light that exist within ourselves. If some of you have been thinking about coming out of the “spiritual closet” as a lightworker this month, now is the time to step through that door and into your power. The 2 of Cups signifies the true harmony and synthesis within us. It is the balancing dance between the feminine and masculine (or, in non-binary terms: the receptive and the energetic). How can we unearth our shadow selves and learn to love these two warring opposites of our personality? The 2 of Cups finds light in the darkest places and shows us that we are emotionally ready to integrate what we have been missing in our conscious realities.

For the past few months, we have been walking away from The Star’s healing energy and the 4 of Swords liminal “waiting room” space. We have been clearing and making very significant decisions that involve what we want and do not want in our lives anymore. Perhaps some of us have been in serious hermit mode and have been storing and protecting our energies. In this waiting room phase, we have been able to clearly see beyond the veil of illusion, and extract our truths. What are these truths? We are not defined by our traumas, our oppressions within our oppressive society, our limitations, our doubts, our fears and our shame.

This month we walk into the flame of new soul-consciousness. The Judgement card shows us that now is the time to regain any power necessary to help end individual and collective suffering that stems from our highest vibration of universal truth. As we unearth our shadows and the shadows of the collective, we can now confront unhealed wounds and dissolve negative patterns and conditioning. The way in which we will confront these issues is through our voice – The King of Swords. As we examine what we have unearthed, we are accountable and take full responsibility. Our throat chakras are being cleared, and we can now step out of our hermit caves and into the light.

My Guides show me that late November is a good time to act on big life decisions. Whether it is a relationship (do you break up or stay together?), moving, or job-related – the energies are potent with expansiveness to break free from what you felt limited to.

Whatever we would like to manifest this month we should be very clear about. Our ancestors are listening carefully and are cheering us on. The new perspective of how we are looking at the world this month is literally a game-changer to alter our realities for the better. We worked so hard this year to pick ourselves up from what we have lost. This is the perfect time to call in what we have been waiting for. Look around for symbols, for number patterns (think, 11:11), and anything else that shows you we are not alone. Please understand that this year has prepped us for exactly where we should be: in this moment – right here, right now.