Monthly Channeled Forecast | March is Soul Excavation

by | Mar 1, 2019

Significator: 2 of Wands, Movement Walking away from: Son of Cups, 5 of Swords Walking into: 2 of Discs, The Tower Channeled from Spirit using the Motherpeace Tarot deck and Vessel Oracle deck by Spirit Speak. We welcome March by diving deep into the watery, psychic realm of Pisces season. March marks the end of the zodiacal calendar and the beginning of the Spring Equinox. Mercury retrograde is upon us and is asking us to find solace in the present moment. The energy this month is incredibly transformational if we can allow our old skin to shed. It is definitely recommended to use the energy of the retrograde to focus on continuing or revisiting projects, goals, and ideas. The 2 of Wands ushers us into a space of clarity that we must continue where we left off. I urge you to look into your life right now and see what you have to work with in this moment. Use the creative qualities of Pisces to let yourself dream, be imaginative, and release logic. How can you truly explore your work before setting forth in action? How can you let yourself experience your life in a curious, open way without fear of failure? The medicine of this card is not to seek outside of yourself for answers – it is to know that you already had the tools all along. The biggest goals and accomplishments can be created from the simplest of ingredients. We must know that we don’t need much to manifest what we truly desire. If just two sticks have the ability to create fire, we know that the potential for something to come into manifestation doesn’t require an army. Last month a lot of us came into alignment with our true voice through some uncomfortable vibes and situations. The 5 of Swords invited us to walk away from anything that didn’t feel aligned with our truth. Perhaps we were faced with recurring themes or situations that were toxic for our well-being. This card invited us to release this karma and to move toward calmer waters. Through this, we were able to birth a new energy (Son of Cups) that will be the larger theme of March. The Son of Cups offers us a glimpse into the infinite possibility into our intuitive, creative self and asks us how we would like to work with this energy. What are you being asked to create? This month is one big choice. We can choose to become aligned with the energies that are being presented to us: an invitation to dive deep into our intuitive, emotional selves with ease and surrender or we can grip on to our sense of control so tightly that we loose touch with the deeper messages being offered to us. The Tower shows up this month to wake us up from the constant logical mind that is thwarting our higher, intuitive selves from being seen. This energy does not have to be particularly dramatic or earth-shattering, but it has the potential to be if we do not slow down and listen to our truth. I would invite you to listen to what feels true in your body and what does not. The 2 of Pentacles offers you intermittence from being a total work-a-holic this month. You must allow yourself to reassess why you have been on overdrive and how you can either manage your time more effectively or just be ok with stepping away from the constant juggling act for a hot minute. Burnout is a real thing this month if we cannot respect our body’s need to take a breath and rest. How can you release the continuous need to be “productive” and surrender into the idea that we don’t need to be anywhere in this exact moment? If we can give ourselves space from the ego-brain’s nagging need to be in constant work-mode, we can actually create more sustainable Movement in our daily lives.