Inexpensive Alkalizing | Abolishing Acidity Is For Everyone

by | Jun 6, 2016

For many, the latest health trends, some based on substantial research and case studies, are out of our grasp financially, sometimes even conceptually. The focus on body acidity and minding our P’s and H’s for optimum health harmony is a relatively new concept for a lot of people. It was to me about four years ago. The real focus here is reaching alkalinity – measured in your pH balance – which is tantamount to reaching the zenith of your meditation practice. Much like a calm and quiet mind, your body functions best and more effortlessly when acidity is at bay. That’s the belief here.

Some of the most common acid triggers are caffeine, meats, processed grains and baked goods, and alcohol. But don’t quit reading! As almost always, balance is best. A common alkalizing agent nowadays is the fresh pressed juice. So common it causes me to think the concepts of alkalinity and juicing did not become recent phenomenons independently. Most fresh pressed juices cost around $9 a bottle nowadays. Some of us are college students, assistants, unemployed or on a budget, and our health is still important to us. Many of the Wolves here do swear by attempting alkalinity as often as possible. I am one of them. Below are some of our tips to do so sparingly on the wallet.

Asparagus Tea
Asparagus has long been valued for its therapeutic properties. My naturopath, primary health consultant and OTW contributor, Shirley Watson, turned me on to asparagus tea, which has tremendously alleviated the inevitable acidity that arises when traveling. Just throw a few packets in your bag or your pockets! Buy it here.

Homemade almond milk
Our friend Lacy Phillips of Free + Native shared her simple recipe for sprouted almond milk here, which is a universal approach to the popular beverage. All you need is some fresh almonds, filtered water, a blender and a nut bag or cheese cloth.

Matcha tea provides a mega dose of antioxidants, L-Theanine, chlorophyll and more in every sip. While the fact that a teaspoon of this vividly green tea is also wildly alkalizing might send your disbelieving side into high alert, it’s true. Buy one of our favorite matchas here.

Pink Sea Salt
One of my favorite snacks or elements of a meal is sautéed veggies with some coconut oil and a healthy heaping of pink sea salt. The right type of unrefined salt, like pink sea salt, has an extreme effect on the body’s level of non acidity (alkalinity) and mainting a beautiful pH balance. Buy one of our favorite pink sea salts here.